San Antonio Regional - First place Runner Deck: Magical Kate

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HallucinogenicApplesauce 319

This deck is my Toolbox Shaper that I have been working on for quite a long time and I feel that it is more or less finalized. During the Regional event, I went 7-1 with it with my only loss being from the Corp deck that our carpool group took with us.

Corp Deck:

8 Jun 2014 x3r0h0ur

I love shaper decks that build in response to the threats. No troubles with CI? I would slot in a nerve agent if possible to help, but by no means necessary if you don't see it every day.

9 Jun 2014 mplain

Toolbox Shaper? isn't this deck type called "Katman with breakers"?

10 Jun 2014 HallucinogenicApplesauce

As someone who played CI and won my Store Championship with it, I find the match-up a little easier for me now that I know where the agendas hide. Against them I try to hit HQ as often as possible, but if they are carrying SE, I'm probably fried since playing the econ war with them isn't quite as easy with Weyland or NBN.

Perhaps it is Katman with breakers, but I usually don't use Atman as my primary breaker but more of a blanket Femme. I feel like when I'm running, I have an answer for nearly everything and thus Toolbox. Besides, isn't Toolbox Shaper easier than Katman with breakers? :P

10 Jun 2014 mplain

But, but... but it doesn't have Toolbox! =__=

10 Jun 2014 MrMint

It isn't called Toolbox for the console but for the ability to have a lot of solutions (parasite, FF/atman, breakers) and easy way to find them (Test run/SMC). ;)

11 Jun 2014 itsbigfoot

Toolbox is a magic term for a deck with multiple tutors and a selection of targets to answer specific metagame problems.

25 Jun 2014 chill84

Hey applesauce, I like the deck, but I'm having trouble with NBN decks, do you just mulligan for mimic vs them?