6-Hok Potatoes

tehepicwin 67

This is the kind of deck you probably don't want to play your friends with. In other words, the only kind of deck you should be playing. The game plan is the usual potatoes game plan in 2021. You maybe try to score agendas in a remote, maybe fast advance a few, and once the runner has no cards left you score Obokata Protocol.

The namesake of this deck is the 6 Hoks: 3 copies of House of Knives, and 3 Hokusai Grids. These go a long way for grinding the stack into dust. House of Knives is a pretty normal include, while the Hokusai Grids can make anything a spiky nightmare. Putting anything into a remote? See if you can force them to suffer a Hokusai ping. Playing against criminal? Make them eat a Hokusai ping to doof you. The runner tunneling R&D? Deal 1 net.

The spikiness of Hokusai Grid goes a long way into the attrition gameplan. With net damage traps and agendas pooling up in HQ, you can also make an overly aggressive runner pay with the extra net damage, especially if they multiaccess.

PSA: You probably shouldn't play Legwork against decks like these.

Apart from that, the deck is mostly the usual stuff. Lots of filtering tools in here, so flood shouldn't be a big issue. The ice is light but very taxing.

21 Apr 2021 bagira

Sorry, too much of a noob: how does this relate to the other potato decks published on nrdb? What's a "usual potato plan" look like? It looks like former potatoes weren't rush decks, right?

22 Apr 2021 tehepicwin

The plan is to eventually make the runner take so much total net damage that they have no cards left. Because Obokata has a cost to steal, at some point they will no longer be able to pay its cost and you can score it without contest. This means your goal is largely to just deal damage. Find ways to score 1-pointers cause they deal damage, especially House of Knives. Make them run into Hokusai. When they hit Snares and trash Hokusai, shuffle them back into your deck so the runner can hit them again. Finding ways to tax the runner can get them to play burst econ, and getting the runner to play those cards is basically damage as well.

23 Apr 2021 rotage

what are you using trick of light on here?

23 Apr 2021 tehepicwin

If you happened across a 2 pointer in your hand and you can’t shuffle it away, you’ll want to ToL it. It’s really bad for the runner to steal 2 points in a deck of 1-pointers and Obo. Your next priority is House of Knives, cause lol 3 damage. You can wait on Sting because of how spiky it is, and you can score it later once the runner steals their own Sting to maybe kill them, maybe just deal a bunch more damage. House of Knives generally has more utility, being able to force the runner down breakpoints on important runs. 5 to 4 means no Obo steal, 3 to 2 means death to Snare. Being able to do this at will makes HoK a stronger score than Sting. Also, if the runner runs two different centrals, you usually have two shots at sniping Apoc. Once on the second run, another on the archives run.

29 Apr 2021 tzeentchling

Are you manually advancing the Mausolus and then using that for the Trick of Light counters? Or just assuming the runner won't run a 2-advanced face down card?

1 May 2021 tehepicwin

Yes, you manually advance Mausolus. There's basically no reason in this deck to IAA an agenda, besides scoring Obo when the runner has been fully potatoed. All agendas are 3 adv for a reason, because it guarantees you can always never-advance, or Trick of Light out an agenda on topdeck.