Startup GameNet 1st @Swedish startup league 5-0

Bridgeman 793

I found GameNet is a good choice for startup due to the amount of good in faction ice there is for NBN and in particular with this ID. Other corps felt a bit lacking in this department.

Also GameNet has some extra inf to import some busted cards from other factions.

Some tweaks can be made to this but the general shell feels very solid. I´d probably drop the psycho in a 2nd iteration.

Still havent lost a game with this including the practice games.

25 May 2021 HolyMackerel

How have you felt about Cyberdex Sandbox as opposed to Offworld Office? I usually find that the extra 3 credits are more worth than the purge, but maybe not?

25 May 2021 Bridgeman

I havent tried offworld in this but I thought that with a few viable viruses in the cardpool sanbox makes sense, especially since money is not a big issue with the deck.

In particular I included it for conduit but there are some othercards that are nice to purge like tranquilizer, imp and botulus.

Also with DRM making it easy to find the right agenda you can often go for two cyberdex scores and end up with the ability to purge for 8 credits.

25 May 2021 Bridgeman

In conclusion I´m very happy with the include, it often does work, and it´s solid even when you dont need the virus hate.

Also forgot that leech is a nice card to purge :D

28 May 2021 jamesmarcus

Is the psycho a cuttable card in the list? Did anyone ever go tag me and save the 1c not breaking F2P? If you would cut it what tech would you include?

28 May 2021 Bridgeman

In practice no one went tagme so psycho was never used, though it wasnt a Huge deal because cards could be pitched to anoetic. This makes situational cards less bad and also lets me get away with 2drm as well. Otherwise I think One would be enough.

I wanted a copy just in case they ignore tags, but considering only 4 cards in the deck give tags and most runners dont want their resources trashed you could argue it's redudant. It's not a bad idea to try to cut it.

I would probably include some spin doctors if I cut cards.