Grind 'em down - a Los deck attempt

Oats 3

Hi everyone!

I first got into netrunner just when Fantasy Flight was dropping it. The end of Netrunner was basically announced the next day after i had bought my revised core set.

Even then, me and my brother had a great time playing with just the core and a few few data packs that we had managed to get before all all of it was gone from our local store. Over time we kind of lost interest due to us only playing against eachother and not knowing about the local scene. But now, after about a a year and a half, I'm back!

As the first thing to do getting back into netrunner, I thought it would be a good idea to refine my old decklists. This Los pile was my go to runner deck back then, but now I'm seeing some problems with it's construction. Keep in mind that our card pool is very limited and contains only:

The revised core set

Red sands cycle data packs 1-5

Kampala ascendant data pack

Terminal directive

Chaos and control

Reign and reverie

and the corp and runner world champion decks from 2016

I think the biggest issue with the deck is in it's basic gameplan. It basically boils down into:

  1. Derez ICE

  2. ?????

  3. Hopefully profit

And surprisingly this hasn't worked out for me too well. The Rosetta 2.0's try to turn the icebraker suite into a bad toolbox, with the plan of starting with Mammon and upgrading when I've got the money to do so.

Basically I'm asking you what changes you would do to make this deck function better, but still keeping the basic derez gameplan.

Feedback of any kind is appreciated!

(And sorry if spelling is bad. English isn't my first language)

3 Jun 2021 Shorty

Hello Oatso and welcome back to Netrunner! =) Unfortunately it is very hard to give advice to a deck that uses such a narrow and specialized cardpool, so dont expect too much reactions. ;) The criminal derez plan was never really viable in any state of the game, decks that revolve around it generally tend to be too slow and inconsistent (compared to the much more easy & rewarding ICE destruction). Your deck might suffer from the same issues. One advice I can give you is to maybe get rid of most of the derez stuff and try to concentrate on good enough economy and draw together with halfway effective breakers. Your ID ability will fire nontheless, maybe not as often as you wish to, but still. Also you can keep for example the shutdowns for a little bit of extra spice.

7 Jun 2021 Oats

@Shortyyeah you're probably correct. I think I just really wish pure derez was a more valid strategy. Always thought it was really a fun alternate way of dealing with ICE. Thank you for the help anyway :)