Ding Dong, Stargate's Gone (Winner Lockdown 15)

Cpt_nice 1388

This is the deck I took to Lockdown's 15th edition. The recent Standard banning of Engram Flush and Slot Machine really hurt this deck, as well as the format ban of Obokata. But since I am nothing if not stubborn, I decided to play Hyoubu anyway and hope for the best. I managed to only lose one game against Loup on Imp, which is not a great match up. The deck killed two Nulls and one Zahya and managed to score out vs Los.

The deck relies heavily on Mwanza for kills and money, and thus enemy number 1 is Stargate. But that card was banned this time, as it has been for many previous editions, so we can catch the runner by surprise! Obokata was missed, but Send a Message did more than I expected. I rezzed 3 Anansi's on the day, which felt sweet. And the kills were pretty varied, one being Punitive, one with a multi access on HQ and the third being Complete Image.

On to the next one!