Remote Mother Goddess Lockdown (experimental)

Devet 20

First draft of a Mother Goddess deck. The basic strategy is to install Mother Goddess on a remote server as soon as possible, and keep Chimera in front of the central servers to stop early Account Siphon, Indexing, etc.. With no ice rezzed other than Mother Goddess, Mother Goddess is unbreakable by any fracter, killer, or decoder - just pull agendas from R&D with Fast Track, Atlas or Aggressive Negotiation, and score them at your leisure.

Paper Wall and Swordsman should be placed in front of Mother Goddess and only rezzed in emergencies. Paper Wall is for blocking Inside Job from bypassing Mother Goddess, and Swordsman is for AIs.

Security Subcontract is for trashing Paper Wall and Swordsman as appropriate, to clear Barrier and Sentry from Mother Goddess..

Precognition is your main means of protecting R&D.

The deck's principal weakness is Quest Completed, although the Runner won't be able to force a run past Chimera and Swordsman without all three breaker types installed. Grim is one possible solution to delay the runner from accomplishing this, but I'm looking for a better one.

11 Jun 2014 Devet

(Looking at it more, Executive Retreat is a really terrible idea. Government Contracts would be an acceptable, if boring, alternative.)

12 Jun 2014 Alsciende

Parasite is your Nemesis. What about playing Interns?

12 Jun 2014 iMarco

What about Inside Job and Feint?

12 Jun 2014 Devet

Either Paper Wall or Swordsman in front of Mother Goddess will take care of Inside Job. Paper Wall is preferable, since it self-trashes.

I'm not sure what danger Feint poses, given that HQ is barely protected to begin with.

I like the Interns suggestion. I'm thinking of replacing Fast Track with it.

Parasite may be less of a threat than you think, mind you. The way I actually see this deck playing is that you put two Mother Goddesses on the remote server and one on R&D, so that once you're done scoring an agenda you can stop runs on R&D until another Agenda turns up. Playing that way, Parasite wouldn't have enough time to chew through Mother Goddess before you trash it yourself.

I'm also going to add more Paper Wall, since it's a pretty good first-turn draw.

Thanks for the advice!

12 Jun 2014 steevo15

Remember, mother goddess is unique.

12 Jun 2014 Devet

Oh, I know. You can still use it to switch back-and-forth between locking R&D and your remote server. You'd only have to do that a couple times at most in the course of a single game.

12 Jun 2014 BahnCalamari

It seems like this deck could use some Himitsu-Bako

11 Aug 2014 cdwolstenholme

knight food, as I discovered yesterday

18 Aug 2014 Pazuzu

I love this idea and plan to try it out with the new HB identity. Replaced grim with wisps. Let me know if you can think of any improvements.

[b]Oedipus complex[/b]

[ Foundry: Refining the Process[/url] (The Spaces Between)

[b]Agenda[/b] (9) 3x [ Beta Test[/url] [i](Core Set)[/i] 3x [ Retreat[/url] [i](Trace Amount)[/i] 3x [ Contract[/url] [i](Double Time)[/i]

[b]Asset[/b] (5) 3x [ University[/url] [i](Creation and Control)[/i] 2x [ Subcontract[/url] [i](Core Set)[/i][color=#006400] ••[/color]

[b]Upgrade[/b] (2) 2x [ [i](The Spaces Between)[/i]

[b]Operation[/b] (22) 2x [ Negotiation[/url] [i](Core Set)[/i][color=#006400] ••[/color] 3x [ Labor[/url] [i](Core Set)[/i] 3x [ Level Clearance[/url] [i](A Study in Static)[/i] 3x [ Fund[/url] [i](Core Set)[/i] 3x [ [i](Mala Tempora)[/i] 3x [ [i](Core Set)[/i][color=#DC143C] ••••• ••••[/color] 2x [ Order[/url] [i](Double Time)[/i] 3x [ [i](Second Thoughts)[/i]

[b]Barrier[/b] (3) 3x [ Wall[/url] [i](Mala Tempora)[/i]

[b]Sentry[/b] (2) 2x [ [i](Second Thoughts)[/i][color=#DC143C] ••[/color]

[b]Other[/b] (6) 3x [ [i](Cyber Exodus)[/i] 3x [ Goddess[/url] i[/i]

15 influence spent (max 15) 21 agenda points (between 20 and 21) 49 cards (min 45) Cards up to The Spaces Between

Deck built on [

18 Aug 2014 Pazuzu

Ouch, sorry about the last post, not sure how to delete it. This should be more clear.

Oedipus complex

The Foundry: Refining the Process (The Spaces Between)

Agenda (9) 3x Accelerated Beta Test (Core Set) 3x Executive Retreat (Trace Amount) 3x NAPD Contract (Double Time)

Asset (5) 3x Levy University (Creation and Control) 2x Security Subcontract (Core Set) ••

Upgrade (2) 2x Will-o'-the-Wisp (The Spaces Between)

Operation (22) 2x Aggressive Negotiation (Core Set) •• 3x Biotic Labor (Core Set) 3x Green Level Clearance (A Study in Static) 3x Hedge Fund (Core Set) 3x Interns (Mala Tempora) 3x Precognition (Core Set) ••••• •••• 2x Reclamation Order (Double Time) 3x Restructure (Second Thoughts)

Barrier (3) 3x Paper Wall (Mala Tempora)

Sentry (2) 2x Swordsman (Second Thoughts) ••

Other (6) 3x Chimera (Cyber Exodus) 3x Mother Goddess (Upstalk)

15 influence spent (max 15) 21 agenda points (between 20 and 21) 49 cards (min 45) Cards up to The Spaces Between

Deck built on

20 Aug 2014 Pazuzu

What would you do about femme by the way?