Tag n Bad

djackman 975

very early version of a tag-n-BadTimes archetype.

Drip econ. very very little operations, relying solely on drip econ for that late game efficiency. Your ID ability should draw you into your ability while building your econ.

Beyond a couple bombs and surprises on ice, mostly just cheap ETR to force installs, since Bad times is bad if they dont install breakers. Stuff like inside job etc is bad news for you, thus the guard. Taurus as a 1-off surprise to kill a console to get rid of MU.

12 Jun 2014 x3r0h0ur

I like the idea more than the other ones posted, I think it will be very easy for the runner to get into the mindset of "well it's only 1 credit per turn" and not trash, then they will get out of control fast. I would hate to have to run and trash all of those, even if I happened to be whizzard. Should really tax the runner's development. Obviously with all the ETR their primary development will be breakers, and bad times (which is going to be amazing) hits them hard there. Will be very tough to build things like Pro Contacts, or RDI when they're stuck spending clicks trashing resources.

12 Jun 2014 Trizzy613

It's refreshing to see NBN without burst econ look this terrifying to go up against! I like it a lot. Everything seems to fit nicely. I'm only scared the cost to activate Snare!s may be too steep early on but I could be wrong.

12 Jun 2014 djackman

That is certainly something to consider. I think that snares might not be right - they could be data ravens instead, or just some more ETR ice.

I think that 1 ice wall will probably be an archived memories, for sure.

13 Jun 2014 djackman

I also just realized that I only spent 15 influence. Here are the changes i'll be making for version 1.1:

  • -1 ice wall
  • -3 snare
  • -2 tollbooth
  • -2 bastion
  • +1 archived memories
  • +2 lotus field
  • +3 hive
  • +1 data raven
  • +1 sea source