Fear the Inside Job (4-1 / 16th at EuAf 2021)

Cpt_nice 1470

"Inside Job is an econ card for anarch" - my friend Aidan during testing

It is hard being a Sunny player right now. Sportsmetal and PD rush you out before you can shout "drip for 3", and even your NBN match ups aren't as favorable as they used to be. So what is a mini player to do? The answer: ask a buddy who always plays anarch for advice.

I knew I wanted a list that has a great match up vs Sports/PD, but was still different from all the other decks out there. So I ended up on their Swift list, originally out of Quetzal but I opted for Hoshiko to get more draw. This additional draw + open deck slots allowed for the inclusion of Fear The Masses, which is another way to dump Vacherons/combo pieces/Spin Doctors into the bin. It was pretty good but getting enough copies to hand was sometimes an issue, so I think you can play a similar list without FTM.

Three cards are the heart and soul of the deck. Swift is the star of the show, allowing you to gain clicks from 18 events. If you find room for 3 copies, do it. Wanton Destruction lets you trash 4 cards out of HQ because of your console, which is a perfect way to snipe kill or econ cards, drop Vacheron and make Audacity harder to pull off. But THE card of the day was Inside Job, which allowed me to contest rushing behind a single piece of ice, as well as just getting value runs where I didn't have to spend a click (and often no credits due to Maemi) while saving 3 - 6 credits on ice breaking. I was skeptical at first but 10/10, would run this over Bravado every time.

Cards I missed were a cheeky Tread Lightly or 2, since the deck tends to not push on the remote until later in the game, and maybe some cutlery events. Unfortunately I didn't face as many HB's as I would have liked, but I took most games regardless. The deck lost vs Acme, who parked a Void on HQ and just locked the entire game down. It won vs Sportsmetal, ASA and 2 Reality Plusses. Most of the games were pretty tight but the wins were diverse.

Congrats to everyone who made the top 8 and thanks everyone who helped organise today! Can we now get back to a slower meta so I can play Best Mom again?

22 Aug 2021 rotage

This is awesome, how did you find the lack of hand size? Was you forced to throw away key cards and give the game away?

22 Aug 2021 Cpt_nice

@rotage I sometimes had to drop a FTM in the bin because there were more pressing matters. But as I said, I think you can play this deck without it. Or you could go even more all in on the HQ pressure and then play a couple of hand size cards.

29 Aug 2021 ArminFirecracker

Yes, please lets have a slower meta again. For your Sunny and my Shaper.

When I saw this deck, I was changing my decklist last minute. From MaxX to a slightly modfied list of yours. Thanks for publishing!


13 Sep 2021 I Am Jessica

Ooh, I love it! Congratulations. I remember debates about Inside Job a while ago, I'm glad to see you have come around :p