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Jimmwils 3

I'm pretty new to standard having thoroughly enjoyed Gateway and Startup in recent months, and I wanted to try something that seemed really "off-meta", particularly as I assumed Jnet lobbies would be mainly "on-meta" testing ahead of worlds.

My theory-craft behind this was to generate an econ engine from a single successful run each turn (DreamNet, Security Testing) akin to a couple of Rezeki's, and have that run be free with Jak Sinclair. Against go-wide corps, there's often plentiful servers to choose from, against others, Archives serves just fine and if the corp spends time and econ protecting it then that's also a win.

Credit Kiting further capitalises on these successful runs with a free drop on a couple of big pieces (Amina, Security Nexus). Citadel Sanctuary helps with the tag here, but also serves as useful tech, particularly as a meat damage shield against Weyland decks or as discount tag removal against NBN.

The free runs each turn can pivot to centrals, facilitated by Security Nexus, and build Aumukua and The Turning Wheel pretty consistently unless the corp actively chooses to defend them, hopefully weakening the remote defenses to the point you can camp there instead.

Az's ability allows discount install of the resource-heavy build, and the essential Sports Hopper's - link has gone a long way in every match. If the corp is richer, hopefully this means they've spent less on their defenses, but you can gain some value to keep up from Tapwrm's and Beth Kilrain-Chang, and ideally still be able to challenge the traces to level them a bit with Diversion of Funds and Tread Lightly.

If you get to a point where challenging a trace is a struggle, you can sometimes catch a corp off-guard by reducing a key Security Nexus trace to base 0 with Flip Switch.

I'm sure there's plenty of optimisation to be done here, but it's been pretty fun jamming this against some of the more competitive decks and seeing how much it is capable of.

3 Nov 2021 ShinChan

If one of your main sources of income is running, I would consider switching the 2 Tapwrm for 2 Bankroll

17 Nov 2021 Jtfq99999

I would say you draw too slow ? what is your experience