Regal Outfit (3-4 at worlds)

Saintis 375

My tweak of the Rude Outfit archetype. I like how this plays, be bold and you are rewarded. Sometimes you get to kill the runner. More often you manage to rush out with the kill pressure. However, I do not think this archetype works that well with the loss of SSL. The runner is too rich so your HHN and punitive threats quickly become irrelevant. This list also felt particularly teched against Anarch, performing worse against Crim and Shaper (particular that Lat I played against).

Some particular card choices to highlight:

  • SDS Drone Deployment over Send the Message. SDS sometimes lets you rush an early agenda before the runner is set up, and can hit Adam or Crim quite hard if scored later on. Also has a slight protection in HQ / RnD early if the runner does not have a program down.
  • Regolith Mining License. Overall this list needs the econ to keep rezzing big ice, and Government Subsidy felt very lackluster. The 2 Regoliths were mostly to try some more econ, but they were only used in one game so hard to tell if they are useful.
  • Sprint and Archived Memories. These cards are good. AM sometimes rescues an agenda from Stargate, and lets you recur your good cards. Sprint lets you filter your hand, and draw into what you need.
  • Thimblerig. This is mostly as Anarch tech, and cheap Code Gate etr ice. But it is also very useful in moving your border control to where you want it, or a Bulwark to shore up a weak server.
  • Winchester. Instead of the second Trebuchet. Only got rezzed once but I think it makes sense, since Trebuchet feels quite bad to rez.

Games on the day:

  1. Loss v Adam. Forgot to ice R&D early so lost a CWP to FtT trigger. Managed to shore up a bit and score an SDS, killing the killer (annoying since only 2 ice are sentries). Managed to use a border control to prevent the Mad Dash with the second 3 pointer (it was still stolen). Lost in the end to 3rd 3 pointer steal. Thimblerig was very good, letting me move BC around to where it was needed.
  2. Win v Adam. I got an early rush hand, scored hostile then CWP while Adam was setting up Managed to score the game winning SDS behind a Border Control.
  3. Loss v Hoshiko. I try to push a CWP turn 2 with single dedication (have 2 on hand) but they draw up to 6 cards and steal it with IHW - big mistake on my part. I try to push a SDS after building up a bit, but they take a SDS of R&D, and then Stargate install and run finds a CWP.
  4. Win v Alice Merchant. I have a mediocre start, ice HQ with Mausolus and TBTF for some money. Alice starts by gamble and runs archives. I respond with more money and HHN to slow Alice down. Alice installs Obelus and draws up to 7 cards. At this point I’m not sure what my game plan should be, so I draw up, end up with 3 agendas on hand - oof. I have an Archived Memories from the start, and draw into a ConVis so realise I might be lucky and able to go for a double BOOM! play with AM. I BOOM! Alice down to 1 card, and they draw up 4 cards, then I AM > BOOM! again and win. Turns out they drew an IHW while drawing up, so if they had realised they would have survived.
  5. Win v Hoshiko. I start with scoring a hostile, hoshiko dirty laundries hq, sees my winchester and sets up. After some turns I slow-roll a RevAcc behind 1 ice and get rid of 16 credits to land HHN through No One Home. Hoshiko manages to survive though cause I don’t have cards or credits to play / ConVis the boom. I score a SDS behind 2 ice instead with the tempo, and then a CWP. Hoshiko saw no breakers or the SMC in first 26-ish cards, so we both had pretty poor runner luck our games.
  6. Loss v MaxX. Poor start against MaxX, with not much econ or ice. I try to push an early SDS but they install an Engolo and take it. I manage to score a CWP cause they try to get in a Mad Dash with Labor Rights and run last click so I can Border Control their run. They do a Stargate run and find 2 agendas and can Mad Dash for the last points in archives.
  7. Loss v Lat. I get super flooded (see 5 3 pointers in the top 18 cards) and have to give an SDS away. Then I get sprint to shuffle back 2 of the 3 3pointers I have on hand. The runner comes in and steals the 1 in 4 CWP from hand that I would score next turn. Then they see the hostile on a Jailbreak run.