The Secrets Within

Koschei 132

Good day all! It's been a while since I've been motivated to make some decks and post them, but I'm stoked to get back into it.

I tried to heavily leverage the ID's ability with the card choices, and the economy from it is a huge boost. The deck does tend to be a grindy one, and certainly creates some intense endings!!

Cards Of Note

Genotyping - Crucial inclusion in this ID. It sets up the ID trigger, gives you some recursion, and has the potential to plant a trap or two.

News Team - Another crucial card choice, I wanted to create an even more unsavory access in Archives, leaving your facedown cards alone for money. Great for Hansei Review.

Offworld Office - I debated with myself on whether to run this or Nisei. Both would probably work, but the money is really helpful in pushing through the last leg of the game.

I try to get a sandbox scored really early on to get that sweet, sweet purge money. Moreover the CVS in archives early will keep the runner from freely running it. I like the Kakugos on centrals early on, and the Thimblerig can readjust them later if you desire. The Genotypings enable you to be very liberal with Anoetic Void, knowing you'll be able to get whatever you want back.