Whey Shake

verumvenari 27

It's Weyland Grinder! If your ID turns the first piece of ice encountered every turn into Kakugo, that's got to be worth something!

There's probably a better version of this deck that eschews the Divested Trust for a 44 card version, but for now, I've felt better with a slightly bigger deck given the expected game length, and it's relatively easy to score a never-advance Divested given the runner's probable disinterest in interacting with your ice. That forces another agenda steal, which against this deck can be uncomfortable.

As for the rest of the cards, CWP is the Obokata proxy, and SDS defends itself alright against early pressure, and can be used to snipe Engolo if the runner really doesn't want to run. The ice is almost uniformly advanceable -- even Kakugo, with Wall to Wall. And that's what this deck does, mostly: play your operation economy, dump clicks into Regolith, advancing relevant ice, or just taking credits, and waiting. Respond to any trashing with Wake Up Call, shuffle agendas back in with Spin Doctor, get advanced ice on every central server, and wait for Subliminal to roll in.

Frankly, it doesn't feel like a competitive list. Manually advancing ice is painful, running out of money can be a real problem, and a fast runner can find the CWPs in hand and win without too much trouble. But dang -- it's irritating!