Jackson's Magnificent Engine v1.1

ODie 713

JME minimises the number of agenda in the deck thanks to TWiY*'s minimum deck size allowing 18 agenda points in a 40-44 card deck. Six 3-point Agenda makes for a hard search for the Runner in R&D (~13.6%) and only one in a full HQ means a small chance (~16.7%) for any one access to hit the Agenda card.

For more detailed discussion see my blog post: http://daman-asha.livejournal.com/29597.html
3 Dec 2013 kage02

Nasty little deck this! It's really hard to get the Agenda because there is so little of it.

3 Dec 2013 x3r0h0ur

My problem with agenda-light decks is that when you get a window due to a poor runner install decision, or surprise tollbooth rez to drain their econ, you might not have the agenda you need to put in and threaten. Hopefully this is alleviated by the power of psychographics and tagging, but based on the looks of things, I doubt it. Bernice MAI might be a better include than ghost branch, and maybe 1 other card.

3 Dec 2013 ODie

I'm testing a Second Thoughts update to the deck which swapped Ghost Branch for Chi-Lo City Grid. Sit that under a Muckraker with an Agenda to lure the Runner in, and you can slap down six tags in one run, seven if you get a Data Raven up top to ensure that the fourth Muckraker subroutine is "live". I didn't quite get the combo off in the one test game so far, but four tags off Raven and Muckraker led to a quick Scorch flatline in my next turn: 10-3 ;-)

11 Dec 2013 garoth

I really loved playing this deck. It offers so much more runner control than what I'me used to, and has worked beautifully to beat a solid Andy deck twice last night.

I did enjoy success with +1 SEA Source though.

3 Apr 2014 tgtoland

Have you made any more progress on this deck? I was thinking from your blog that something to counter link such as foxfire? Also if you drop beanstalk for sweeps week what would you do with the extra influence? Also have you considered adding net police for the same reason? Lastly what would you put in to add wraparound now that it's out? Would that effect the other ice as you can now keep similar strengths since you've negated atman?