Pound Puppies (Beta)

liquidcooled 134

Concept deck for Exile. Puppy recursion with buffs from LLDS. Econ is a mix of MO, Desperado, Aesops. I may leave out Sure Gamble since I have a lot of ways to get an early MO but i haven't playtested this yet to see what it feels like.

SMC, Test Run to tutor, Aesops to trash when counters are empty, effectively making Cujo free and Lady 1 credit. I chose Gordians over Rex. I wanted to put in keymaster just to fit the scheme... but swords are cool too.

Win condition is primarily R&D lock with running big dirty remotes as a secondary since i should be able to get in tall servers at least twice per turn if i have to.

Obvious include here is Overmind, but I do not want to dilute my Test Run/Scavenge/SMC targets any more then they are already, but that may change once I get a few tests in.

Just a first pass at a deck ive been thinking about since the puppy spoilers came out. The dawn of Exile is nigh! .//end old-timey speak

1 Jul 2014 x3r0h0ur

Baw no love for Rex?

3 Jul 2014 liquidcooled

I think i can get more done with Gordians. Plus this makes fewer targets for Scavenge/Test Run. It feels more comfortable running 3 Cujos over 2 Cujo/2 Rex.

But.... if i do change I will probably drop the Gordians and Desperado and go full out with Rex/Toolbox. I also think that Modded has a place here...