NBN - Publishing a Penny Dreadful (Hobo Fast Advance) v.2.0

herod1204 394

Inspired by a deck mentioned by one of the guys on the San San South podcast, all cards in the deck cost three credits or less, with the aim being to score from zero credits with Shipment from San San's and utilising the advanceable ice as trick of light batteries.

The agendas are relatively standard FA stuff, Astros and Beales work as normal, NAPD contracts is there as a slightly safer agenda, whilst Market Research is there for just in case they stay tagged. If they don't stay tagged, I won't lose too much sleep over it.

Action Jackson is there for card draw, and marked accounts and pad campaigns are there for drip economy to score straight from the mandatory draw.

The ice is all cheap as chips. Ice wall and shadow are there as trick of light batteries, whilst matrix analyser will go on every server possible in an attempt to fuel the battery without spending any money.Quandry forces the inclusion of a fracter, paper wall generates a bit more money, whilst TMI actually gives some hard end the run.

Shipment from San San and trick of light are for scoring quickly from zero, sweeps week to quickly build up a small pool of credits. Closed accounts is on the off chance that they stay tagged, to give a scoring window. Red Herrings is designed to try and save an early astroscript, or a 2/4 if I am getting flooded.

I haven't actually tried this deck yet, so no idea how well or not it will function. As always, any thoughts or suggestions are much appreciated!

Update: having tested it, bloody hell it is nasty. Keeps the corp in the early game, forcing them to run, preferably theough matrix analysers building up a trick of light battery. Taken out one red herrings and one marked accounts and replaced them with psychographics. This deck piles the tags on,so makes sense to run them, even just two tags enables me to advance something two for one click.

2 Jul 2014 jeibel

this deck needs Fast Track 3x, really cool otherwise. I heard the podcast and was curious too. Tell us how testing goes !

3 Jul 2014 x3r0h0ur

I know everyone has done this but I want to give a shout out to the feel good moment when you can install a breaking news on a sansan, advance 1 time, then score it next turn, install a 3/2 and psychographics it off a sansan, scoring 3 points in one turn even if the runner isn't tagged at the start of your turn. Anyone else love that feeling?

3 Jul 2014 herod1204

I have never managed to do that, so I have a new goal for the week! In return, I would like to give a shout out to the feel good moment where you can psychobeale for 5 agenda points in one fell swoop. It was a glorious, glorious moment.

I am actually really happy with how this deck is running. It seems to roll in money, and the runner is forced into the quandry of taking the tags, or potentially getting the psycho-Beale treatment which is rather a nice dilemma, so much so, I am toying with dropping the two red herrings (They tend to only have limited use early in the game against inside jobs) in favour of two Bernice Mai's to really load up the tags. It is fast, the runner is kept perpetually in the early game (big rig building is dangerous) and the only real threat to it is massive R&D digs, but that is a threat to any deck.

Regarding fast track, I have toyed with the idea, but decided I didn't like it. The problem for me, is that it reveals that you have an agenda in your hand at that moment, and the odds are, you aren't going to be able to score it that turn. The deck is good at scoring pre-installed four crediters in a single turn, or installing and then scoring three pointers, and revealing that the agenda is definitely in your hand is a bit of a risk. I tend not to draw too heavily, as I find the mandatory draw moves the deck along at a decent speed. If I were to take it to a tournament, I would probably add in three fast track over the Shipment from San San, but at that point I would probably need San San city grid as well, which kinda deviates from the original idea. In all fairness I have yet to have been account siphoned to death and back again, so maybe shipments will have a use outside of cheaply advancing ice wall for me.

Shipment from San San is probably the weakest card in the deck actually. Like I say, I only ever use it to advance ice for my trick of light batteries, or in rare cases, to save credits when advancing an agenda I can then score with trick of light/astro tokens. Not sure what I would put in instead though, but it is certainly only shakey ground at the minute.

3 Jul 2014 jeibel

the point of fast track would not be to have agenda to score in future turns, but when they decide to give up tags, you start to FT ->psychographics them, imho. and "give up" is as few as 3 tags, with your asset economy gaining 3 at start should not be too difficult and you can start chaining that way.

3 Jul 2014 herod1204

That is something I hadn't thought about actually. I am still somewhat getting used to this deck as I rarely play new decks and this is about as far removed from my main deck as is humanly possible (namely a HB glacial trap deck), and like I say, my main problem comes with when to use psychographics to score an agenda (rather than wait for a Beale I could possibly score more with) and when to use astro counters.Toying with the idea of using ghost branch as well, but that might just be the fact that I am massively into traps. I might well play test having three fast track instead of shipment from san san, and see how that works instead. Appreciate the thoughts!

9 Jul 2014 Greywind

@x3r0h0ur Having an Astroscript scored and a SanSan City Grid installed lets you: 1st click, install Breaking News on SanSan, use Astro counter and score it (runner gets 2 tags), 2nd click, install Astroscript on SanSan, 3rd click, Psycographics for 2 advancements on Astroscript, score. What a feeling!