Next Gen Fast Advance v1.0

paddosan 3357

Shipment from SanSan allows for a new breed of Fast advancing, which is not technically Advance, but just token placement. Therefore it's perfect together with Efficiency Committee extra tokens.

Cerebral Imaging cause you will need extra space in your HQ, and to pump up the economy you have plenty of Operations. Howard will help drawing a lot, fast.

Once you get an Efficiency Committee scored (even if you have to "sacrifice" two Biotic Labor to do it, it's worth it), you just need to: install Agenda, advance once, use last Click and an EC counter to gain 2 Clicks, Shipment from SanSan.

That way you can score basically without using remote servers, so the overall number and cost of the ICE is low. To make them a bit more dangerous there's Viktor 2.0, and plenty of Trash Program with Ichi(s) and Rototurret.

4 Dec 2013 Flatline

I really like this deck, it will be tested :)

4 Dec 2013 federicolatini

our friend Cesco has a similar deck on test right now, but with the base ID

4 Dec 2013 paddosan

I should have known Cesco would be already playing such a weird deck... ;)

4 Dec 2013 Flatline

I really think that Cerebral Imaging is a nice added value in this deck: it means that you can afford to ALMOST ignore icing HQ. And with 18 ICEs+Fast Advance it means that you R&D is really well defended.

4 Dec 2013 paddosan

Yeah, I don't like having few ICE in a deck, since it also means you won't easily draw them, but since HQ size should protect itself quite well, I think 18 is a good number here.

5 Dec 2013 Dottore2k

Nice one. But I have some improvment proposals: Why not use Profiteering instead of the Gila Hand Arcology? Either take 3 Credits for two clicks or take 15 for three bad publicity and no click... I dont like the NEXT Ice - maybe it will get better if there are more NEXT will be released. I think e.g. Viper is better. And I think 3 Copies of Restructure are too much. I suggest 1 or maximum 2. It is a disadvantage if you have it in your opening hand, unable to play it. I suggest to replace two copies to Shipment from MirrorMorph. This saves clicks.

When I tested, I recognized soon I underestimated the power of Cerebral Imaging!

5 Dec 2013 paddosan

Hmm I thought about Profiteering, but I'd rather not get Bad Publicity.

Bronze is the cheapest EtR you can get in HB without using influence, plus it gets better the more copies you rez, and it works nicely against Atman, for example. Viper isn't bad either, but I don't wanna risk having to pay for traces.

You're right about Restructure, maybe 2 copies would be better. I might swap one for the third Green Level Clearance!

6 Dec 2013 Anima

A few thoughts from someone who has played a very similar type of deck since the moment Shipment from SanSan was released. First, I find that defending your HQ with ice that is both affordable and taxing is an absolute priority, even over defending R&D in most cases. Second, although I agree that Shipment from Mirrormorph works well as a pseudo-economy card in Cerebral Imaging, I have recently dropped all of my copies of it for 1 Minelayer and 2 Successful Demonstrations after I observed how people tended to react to those cards. Third, I would argue that 3 Restructuring is absolutely wonderful in this sort of deck. I've never had trouble meeting the 10 coin threshold after the first 2~3 turns, and even then, it is an untrashable card in your HQ which helps protect agendas early on and which promises a nice bump of cash soon after. Fourth, have you considered 3x Archived Memories? I find they make a lovely way to pull up emergency cash (archive a Gifts and use it for a nice 7 coins in a pinch) or to grab a SanSan or Biotic Labor when you haven't drawn the last one you need. Fifth, I'm going to have to agree with Dottore2k about the Bronzes being a liability, and recommending Vipers as a reasonable alternative (though I agree that, except in extreme cases, I never boost a trace).

As a final thought, I also dropped my Gilas entirely. I've found that I have plenty of operations economy without them, they're too click intensive for my taste most of the time (you should be drawing, not clicking on a Gila), and that if you've scored an Efficiency Committee first to set up your chain scoring, you probably aren't going to have many turns during which spending 2 clicks on a Gila is your most profitable move. I would up trying a few different agendas in their place, and wound up sticking with Mandatory Upgrades, though I admit that this is mostly due to the sheer joy of scoring it out of hand (1 biotic, advance twice, 3 efficiency tokens, 2 SanSans).

I look forward to seeing what you think.

6 Dec 2013 paddosan

The main problem for me is the number of ICE here, I don't wanna go below the number of Operations. As it is, I already had a few starting hands without a single piece of ICE and that's terrible, especially against R&D lock decks, or anyone using Account Siphon. I might add 2 Archived Memories by removing 2 Gilda (for another 2 pointer) and 1 ICE, but I won't go below 17 anyway.

The ICE selection is the main issue right now, I might swap some Bioroid with neutral EtR like Wall of Static and Bastion. I need stopping power (EtR) early on, but later on I just need to stack some, as to make them pay a bit to pass through, mainly for R&D.

6 Dec 2013 GuardianOfTheFlame

As I've already said, I like this deck! :D Why do you use Viktor 1.0 instead of Enigma/Wall of Static?

6 Dec 2013 aswan89

Any reason you don't go for Shipment from Kaguya/Trick of Light with advanceable ICE? Those are also great cards to use with Efficiency committee tokens.

6 Dec 2013 paddosan

@Guardian: I'm a fan of the lil old Viktor, but yeah, it would probably be better to switch some Bioroids with neutral ICE. Maybe Viktor for Enigma and Broze for Wall of Static.

@aswan89: mainly because it's the old way of the FA in Haas-Bioroid, used to play that a lot pre-C&C. Now I wanted a different approach and this one takes way less preparation, by the way. It would be nice to do both, but Trick of Light AND Celebrity Gift are too heavy on the influence, plus I'd have to add advanceable ICE as well.

6 Dec 2013 Anima

For what it's worth, I've found that my 13 ICE count is generally sufficient, but it's also possible that this is because I play without remotes.

6 Dec 2013 paddosan

I don't do remotes with this deck either, and it seems to be quite fast, once you get things going... the real issue is the early game, for me (when I lack either my draw engine or the economy to keep all the cards in my HQ). So that's why I like to have some more ICE to stop the Runner or make him slow down.

It might also be a matter of play style of course, I'm quite used at higher numbers of ICE. Normally I don't do decks with less than 20, and I'm more comfortable with 21 anyway. I might have to get used to this!

8 Dec 2013 HepatitvsJ

I think the ICE is just fine @18. I often run this number and I rarely have any problems with the number. I think profiteering is a better option than Gila Arc. With only 5c and a SfSS you can score it gaining 15 c to fuel your next turn. it's best used as a secondary option from Gift when you don't draw it but have the combo. BP is very bad long term, but one turn is ok. I love Viktor 1.0 too but I agree with dropping him for neutral ICE. Drop the Rototurrets as well IMO. -2 turret, -3 Viktor 1.0 for +2 WoS, +2 Enigma, +1 Ichi 1.0. The Ichi is going to hit harder and easier than the turret. Just one Ichi 1.0 and one Viktor 2.0 one a server is good protection.

8 Dec 2013 Anima

I can certainly understand wanting to drop turrets, but I would recommend against it. It's true that they're parasite bait, and an early Killer makes them nearly useless, but I can't count how many times they've saved me from an early Sneakdoor, or when an unlucky runner with an incomplete rig would kindly crash into one for me.

On Viktor 2.0: I've never been terribly pleased with him when I did try him, even if he is a lovely 5 str code gate with 2 subs. Has he been working out well for you?

And just for fun: on a whim, I tried swapping out some excess stuff to pull in a pair of Wotans and a pair of Bioroid Efficiency Research. I expected to be underwhelmed, but the pair have proven to be an absolute champ so far: only 1 in 5 games has even seen him derezzed, and archived memories means I have no shortage of BER to keep him in the way. I can't say it's the best high-level play, but then, I'm playing a deck that seriously considers scoring Mandatory Upgrades out of hand, and it's certainly good for a laugh.

8 Dec 2013 paddosan

Viktor 2.0 is kind of a weird ICE. It's big enough to be expensive for most runners, and the Trace subroutine is dangerous enough to scare them. This also means that they will aim at passing through with Clicks instead than paying, though. In my experience works nicely in a deck full of Bioroids, so if I end up changing many to neutral stuff like Bastion or Enigma, it might be worth removing Viktor 2.0 as well.

Love the idea of Wotan with BER, and I also loved the idea of Mandatory Upgrades, but I wanna make sure I test the deck a bit more, first.

3 Jan 2014 unseenvision

Not that I don't trust you, but are you sure that Efficiency Committee's 'You cannot advance cards for the remainder of this turn' doesn't apply on Shipment from SanSan? Is there any official word on this in case my mates don't believe me when I play this combo?

5 Jan 2014 paddosan

There was a long discussion about it on BoardGameGeek.

To make a long story short, it works because Shipment from SanSan places advancement tokens, while Efficiency Committee only says that you cannot advance a card. But placing advancement tokens is different from the action of advancing a card, so you can do it. It also works with Trick of Light for basically the same reason (except it moves the tokens, not places).

11 Jan 2014 CrimsonWraith

For unseenvision... A bit late, but in case you didn't see the reply on my deck list...

Efficiency Committee prohibits the Corp from advancing cards for the remainder of the turn. The term "advancing a card" refers specifically to the default Corp action of spending a click and a credit to advance a card. Cards like Shipment from Kaguya, Trick of Light, and Shipment from SanSan are placing or moving advancement tokens, which is considered different than advancing a card.

All of this is official and was included in the last FAQ update from about three months ago. You can check for yourself on Page 11. :)

24 Jun 2014 SaltySalamander

seems like an interesting deck... I will give it a try.

27 Jul 2015 Jackpot

Celebrity gift is hilarious in a Cerebral Imaging deck. Sure, show off 5 totally irrelevant cards to the runner, what's he going to do about it?