Professors rig.

HepatitvsJ 244

Lots of redundant breakers so you can discard to FLCC and still get a rig up. Clone chip parasite and important breakers. Test run breakers. Scavenge big breakers and Imps. Pheromone helps with SMC/CC costs as well as breakers. Solid build for professor for the moment IMO. I'm still looking forward to new programs though. :)

4 Dec 2013 JWHamner

As a Professor obsessive I have to comment. Nice build! Phermones is an interesting choice and you make a great point about the synergy with SMC and clone chip. Also can be brought up with Djinn which is nice. Not sure about ZU with no link though... might as well just install Yog/datasuckers and use Femme/Scavenge for Tollbooths. I also sort of feel like if you aren't running Morning Star there is almost no reason to run Prof right now (which I guess is kind of the point). I'd be curious to hear how Freelance Coding and Diesel/Quality Time work for you as a draw/economy engine as I found it to be to inconsistent and have moved to Professional Contacts to get that done for me. I would consider finding a spot for +1 Sahasrara and +1 Scheherazade as those two programs have revolutionized my economy and how quickly I get my rig up in my most recent games.

5 Dec 2013 HepatitvsJ

I just played against a Sheherazade deck last night. I agree with that addition. I also thought about morning star but I couldn't fit it in the deck. With datasuckers, ZU.13 becomes a little more efficient than gordian blade and less risky than Yog without Dino, regardless of link issues. The FLCC/diesel/quality time can be fickle. I haven't gotten it reliable enough for me to run it consistently but it usually is good enough for a big boost at a couple key points with the Scheh and Magnum Opus for consistency. Saharara takes up precious MU so I prefer other options personally.
I'd love to see whatever deck you finally get running well. Hopefully Mala Tempora gives us another piece of the deck. :)