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Captain 48

Exile Recursion Deck

21 Jul 2014 x3r0h0ur

seems like without QT to seed the archives it would be a little slow to get what it wants, or simply not have enough tutoring going both ways.

Do you really use netshield enough to run it? No Deus X for Heimdall and Viktor 2.0 or WoT or snare or Junebug? Are 4 different code gate breakers better than just 2 cy-cy? No SMC? yikes! I definitely need a lot of this explained I think.

I think I'd have to play it, but things I've never needed like gordian or zu with 2 cy-cy. Toolbox seems a bit pricey, how often do you find yourself just chucking it?

From what I can see you basically are playing atman style with a variety of support tools, which could explain why this feels so different to me.

Maybe you can give a rundown of how it plays?

21 Jul 2014 Captain

Hey thanks for checking out my deck, I want to make mention that I don't normally publish decks that are still in there infancy with minimal testing but did so just to give you some ideas on economy in your deck. That is also why the program suite is a mish mash, I want to see what works and what doesn't so I have different copies of breakers. At the core of the deck though is Atman with support. No MO, no SMC because my experience with both is that they actually slow me down but that may change in the future. Armitage code busting Daily casts and Aesops has very good synergy plus Aesops with Exile makes sense to ditch programs you don't need any more (Sneak Door, Keyhole) to make room for something else. Hopefully that can give you some thoughts on your own but obviously you have a great deck already by your showing at the tournament. Thanks again for taking a look at my deck :)

22 Jul 2014 Captain

The Deck went 3/2 last night against a very well tuned Tennin Fast advance deck. The economy on this deck is strong. Some programs will be tweaked.

22 Jul 2014 x3r0h0ur

I think that in how you're intending to use it, you need access to more scavenges, and more femmes. You want femme to obsolete ice as often as possible. Dirty hands uses 2 femmes to very good effect, I am always craving another scavenge. I think you would benefit greatly from having 2 femmes and then 3 same old things to play scavenge more. I would trim the deck down to include that.

For your build I would drop toolbox because the tempo hit is too great, and you can consolodate the slots for money into Magnum Opus. If you're hitting with the most efficient programs at all times, opus is more than enough. I would drop 2 aesops, 3 armitage and 3 daily casts for 3 opus, 3 same old thing and use the extra 2 aesops slots as program slots, mostly SMC.

I would drop yog and creeper for a cyber-cypher and a deus X. Deus is a great answer to janus, heimdall, flare, etc. Also drop net shield, your draw should more than make up for it, and you would have less econ drain to match up with just running opus.

then you could go to 1 levy, since you have SOT. I'd take that free inf from yog and make it that second femme. To solve your MU issues, and up your program density to help FCC, I'd drop 2 the toolbox and 1 snowball for 3x leprechun and maybe try to find room for another corroder, if not, no biggie, just play it safe.

I'm curious if maybe imp would be more important than keyhole, but you need multiaccess threats on R&D, so maybe not. With the econ changes I posed, you'll have less money for repeat runs, which is why Dirty Hands runs RDI instead, and I think that might be the root for where yours is different. That said, using atman style play it still might be quite cheap. I think, though, for keyhole to work well, you would need parasite to keep the accesses as cheap as possible. Parasite is super strong when recurred, I would do everything possible to get one in there.

Just some thoughts off the top of my head, I'm not pushing hard for any changes since I haven't play tested your way yet. I might slap it together and give it some runs in person, just things to think about based on my experience with getting my Hands Dirty.

22 Jul 2014 Captain

I was really pleased with how the deck performed last night. I removed one Gordian blade, to add another Cyber-Cypher and probably going to take out the zu. Yog was too good to get rid of. I actually have dropped larla completely for tinkering but I'm not quite sure if that's a good idea. . Toolbox was awesome and the tempo hit wasn't too bad. Keyhole and sneakdoor are champs in this deck and I cut the corroder to add another Nerve Agent. I honestly don't want to go back to an MO based economy for this deck. I have had too many bad experiences with it but I appreciate that it can be great in the right deck. MU is too tight already. SoT could be good to access more scavenge. I'll see if I can squeeze one or two in and also Net Shield got axed lol. It did nothing for me even against Jinteki. Thanks for the suggestions. It's definitely a work in progress. :)

22 Jul 2014 x3r0h0ur

I would not cut LARLA entirely, just because Jinteki net damage is such a thing. LARLA replaces netshield, you should never play more than 1 a game, so with SOT you're fine. That thins your deck to just what you need. I'd strongly recommend parasite for taking care of pups, tsurugi, komianu, pop up, etc for repeated runs. Against NBN its a 2-4 credit cost to open up R&D wide for a hard keyholing. You won't regret it, especially with data sucker (Dirty Hands doesn't have Datasucker).