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alientoyshop 863

29 Jul 2014 pinksky

Cool deck. Testing it is so delicious :) But why you use Mother Goddess? It's unique so it's not so useful, I think.

29 Jul 2014 wswan

I would think of cutting a Mother Goddess since they're unique. They don't necessarily become dead cards once you have one out already as you can still place them down for bluffing's sake, but you can't have more than one rezzed. I don't know what you'd want instead.

29 Jul 2014 pinksky

I use this variation of your deck

29 Jul 2014 CJFM

@pinksky Mother Goddess takes the subtypes of the NEXT ice, so it buffs them. Having extra helps you draw it. You can discard it after drawing with Jackson, I'd imagine.

30 Jul 2014 LynxMegaCorp

I've used a Jinteki deck with NEXT + Mother Goddess. They're great :D. MG makes a fantastic early-game ice to keep the runner out of the server its on (perfect for Melange).