Six Neural EMP Shooter (SNES)

ctz 2215

Interesting build with a solid win rate. The idea is that most people think you are going for scorched. This is communicated by having a huge hand and generating a ton of econ. What they don't realize is that it is for net damage rather than meat. Catches a ton of people by surprise.

Typical strategy is to score out a efficiency committee and then load the six shooter. Alternatively, you can cut to the chase either via Gyri or Power Shutdown.

3 Aug 2014 BJester

+1 for the deckname

3 Aug 2014 nbove

Hmmm, maybe I just don't understand, but how does this deck actually land a kill. If most people are assuming that you are going for Scorched Earth, won't they be holding at least 4 cards in hand at all time? And if so, how do you flatline even with a scored Efficiency Committee. 2x Neural EMP, Reclamation Order, 2x Neural EMP is only 4 net damage, not enough to kill someone holding 4 cards.

3 Aug 2014 ctz

@nbove In the case of 4 cards, biotic labors or two Efficiency Committees were a part of the combo.

6 Aug 2014 falseidol

you fire all three Neural EMPs from hand, then, with biotics or efficiency committees, use the ADPS combo to fire off three more.

6 Aug 2014 skaterforsale

Used this yesterday at our weekly meetup and won every single game with a flatline. A scored EC is pretty much essentially for the combo though, still fun as heck!

12 Aug 2014 ctz

@skaterforsale Glad you enjoyed it :)