Yesterday's News

LeonardQuirm 968

The name referring to the fact that this isn't a world-shaking new-meta defining deck: it's a simple deck that attempts to get into Phase 2 as quickly as possible with cheap ETR ice, and then score Agenda as rapidly as possible before Phase 3 turns up.

I've had some luck with a previous version, although it's always tight for money. In response I've removed the couple of Biotic Labors that I had (which I found I never used - either no money or SanSan seemed a better investment) and added in a couple of Adonises. Plus a Scorched Earth!

That's obviously the odd one out in the deck - the only card that tags is Breaking News, and when has one SE ever been enough? Well, I've noticed that people don't worry about their hand size too much against this deck, presumably because they assume there's no SE risk. Similarly they don't install Plascrete. But in that case if they get a little lax there's a chance of hitting them with a Breaking News (using SanSan/an already scored ASPP/having pre-installed it) and getting a one-shot kill in. And if they see it first and go "aargh, insall all the plascretes and keep my handsize up" - well, drastically slowing their game in exchange for one card slot isn't a bad deal in my eyes...

Anyway, feedback welcomed!