HQ Lock

Axlotl 2605

Get multiple access HQ runs going, use Imp/Demo Run to punish Scorch/FA decks.

Debating the usage of Breach/Passport here as you need to be able to pressure remotes so they can't just drop agendas into them without a care.

First draft. I have not tested this idea.

17 Aug 2014 Jashay

I tried running an HQ lock deck a while ago, but I found that once you've rinsed HQ, where do you go? Unless you get such an early lock, they'll ICE up a remote and play any agenda they draw into it. I'd really watch out for Power Shutdown and net damage, too; if they take out, say, corroder or blade, their remotes will basically become impervious to you.

Also, consider Pheromones.

17 Aug 2014 x3r0h0ur

Seconding pheromones, and for extra interactions, stick in Vamp, since the credits on pheromones work with vamp. I personally just dropped to crypsis only with datasucker, parasite, and deja vu. Deja also lets you recur siphon and vamp, so thats a great synergy. With pheromones and sneakdoor you can build up pheromones credits and datasuckers quite fast. MU becomes a minor problem...at one point in mine I ran djinn for the MU and tutoring. I also had 3 HQ interface to go with all the siphoning I was doing (gotta spend those bucks!)

17 Aug 2014 Matuszczak

This deck begs for 3x Sneakdoor Beta.