Noise Polution 1.0

coyotemoon722 49

This deck is all about playing lots of viruses and recurring them via Clone Chip and Deja Vu. Nothing feels better than having a Grimoire out and playing 2 Caches for net 6 bucks. Sell them to Aesop's, recur them with Deja Vu, play them again, you get the drift.

Scrubbed is in to counter other currents, but has a side benefit of just being decent against things like problem barrier or sentry ice.

The econ in this deck is pretty low starting out, but nothing in the deck costs over 3, and most things cost 1 and 2. Plus once you get Kati and Cache going, you have a pretty reliable engine.

I'm happy with the first iteration of this deck, but hope to improve upon it with more playtesting.