Reina's Virus Express v2

BTrain 2956

v2: Dropped 1 Aesop's and 1 Express Delivery to make room for 3 Cache. -1 Corroder to get the card count down to 45.

This is meant to be a hard-hitting Reina virus deck that runs fixed breakers instead of Overmind. D4V1D + e3 is there to take care of anything Yog/Mimic + Datasucker can't handle, and the Knights are in to allow for across-the-board pressure. I splashed in two Aesop's to sell Imp, D4V1D, and Armitage which can all be recurred with Deja Vu. Card draw is another import in the form of Express Delivery, which for 1 influence a pop is almost too good to pass up, although I would LOVE to make room for Cache if possible. Feedback is welcome!

21 Aug 2014 esutter479

Urge to start playing Anarch...increasing... :)

21 Aug 2014 TipsyGamer

Out of curiosity, since you're running virus heavy, and don't seem to be overly planning an economic denial game, why Reina over Noise, or even Whizzard?

21 Aug 2014 BTrain

@TipsyGamer that's a really good question... When I first built the deck, I had some Rooks in, but swapped those out in favor of Xanadu, and when I had to make room for Plascretes (which turned into Public Sympathies - a much better fit for my Scorch-light meta), I guess it turns out I ended up dropping economic denial altogether. This deck actually seems like it would be hell with our Master Gamer, doesn't it?

22 Aug 2014 TipsyGamer

I'd say it's mostly a meta call. Noise and Whizzard are somewhat situational picks, but every corp has to rez ICE (or so they say). Whizzard would be a great choice though if your meta runs lots of trashable assets. I like Noise in a lot of Anarch decks for the utility of, for example, running R&D, seeing an ICE or Operation on top, installing a virus to mill it, then running R&D again to see a fresh card.