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/tg/PlaysNetrunner 521

The only tech we've found that stands a chance against the majesty of Fucking Gong Show. Turns out the extra two cards are key for its consistency.

"+3x Gingerbread" - snow-jax

28 Aug 2014 LordNat

I was confused about how this deck wins till I tried it on OCTGN. I just keep winning game after game. I am testing it with the Gingerbread now (no cards removed), nothing stands a chance anymore. This and The Fucking Gong Show mean Netrunner needs a restricted list.

28 Aug 2014 hi_impact

Turn 1 Starlight, Queens Gambit, Power Nap, into Push Your Luck with all credits. And now you have 20 credits. GG.

29 Aug 2014 pizzashark

The synergy between Wyldside, Hard at Work, and Starlight is incredible. Also, I've been looking for an efficient way to deal with quandary and lotus field. Looks like you've found that in Force of Nature. At one influence and the current state of the meta, I expect that breaker to show up in a lot of runner lists.

29 Aug 2014 iceim

@LordNat @/tg/PlaysNetrunner I was confused about how this deck works. And how Inside Man, Underworld Contact and Duggar's works. I can't find the answer. Can you tell me the technique? Thanks

29 Aug 2014 MadeOfMush

Wyldside, Hard at Work, and Starlight Crusade make you completely immune to False Lead and Enigma. Exploiting these facts is key to making the deck so fluid.

29 Aug 2014 iceim

@MadeOfMushbut I will lost 2 clicks by Wyldside and Hard at Work ,I have only 2 clicks each turn?And how Inside Man, Underworld Contact and Duggar's works?

29 Aug 2014 Spoonfunk

I can't believe how broken this deck is.....

30 Aug 2014 Pinkwarrior

I don't get this at all the deck makes little sense to me it seems to be a collection of cards that don't work together at all can someone enlighten me?

30 Aug 2014 xethebuilder

@PinkwarriorYou've figured it out

30 Aug 2014 xethebuilder

Has anyone beaten the fucking gong show with this? I want to build both and try them

31 Aug 2014 Exo

@xethebuilder Yeah I managed to do it by decking myself with Duggar's as fast as possible and then triple Power Nap into double Push Your Luck. Otherwise I don't how it is possible.

31 Aug 2014 thedude42

Obviously, you are not a golfer.

2 Sep 2014 Torf

Sorry, maybe im to stupid, but how is Duggar's working? I can only use it when i didn't install of this "lose click" connections. And then? I have to discard a lot of cards. Ist it only for card digging? How can i win with this deck? When i install all connections, i can only run once per turn. I could never play kraken...Please help me :)

2 Sep 2014 Torf

And, why do i need inside Man? There is only one hardware. Sorry, but im very confused :D

2 Sep 2014 Torf


3 Sep 2014 wedgeex

Tried this build with -2x Singularity. What a mistake! This build really is optimal at 47 cards! Looks like we have a new beast to playtest against :(

3 Sep 2014 temporar

Underworld Contact works best in this deck as Turn 1 / Click 1 splash on the table. It makes the Corporation think you will go for high link / passive economy style. The additional 1 credit is not really needed seeing what abundance of cash this deck generates elsewhere (e.g. Disrupter savings on traces).

I would swap 1 Force of Nature for 1 Wyrm to leverage obvious synergy with Scrubbed, though.

Awesome deck, man. Keep them coming!

4 Sep 2014 Fjord

By the time I drew Frame Job I had already forfeited my agendas to Data Dealer. Maybe another copy of Wyldside?

4 Sep 2014 jawZ

This must be a new Whizzard Archetype. What a meticulously elaborated deck. Though I lost all of my 5738 games I playtested this deck yesterday, I will not give up. Must have been me playing really bad, in theory this deck should be a monster!

4 Sep 2014 xmacx

sorry for the noob question, but how do you use: - Deep Red - Underworld Contact ?

7 Sep 2014 Lupus Yonderboi

I think this should be the right deck to put a Leviathan in.

7 Sep 2014 temporar

Usually, you give Underworld Contacts call. As for Deep Red, you flip... wait are you over 18?

13 Sep 2014 spags

I think 3 Force of Nature is overkill. Replace one with a Wyrm.

29 Jan 2015 tpsviper

I feel like it has too many double events to make Power Nap and Starlight be really effective. Maybe Cut the Queens Gambits for Demolition Runs? That would be unstoppable in this deck!