Wake up in a dumpster

Diegofsv 1368

That's what happens when you spend All Night at Duggar's

16 Sep 2014 x3r0h0ur
16 Sep 2014 vvribeiro

Damn! Superbly themed. I can see it going into the books!

16 Sep 2014 paulxthompson

Splendid! I like this.

10 Oct 2014 Diegofsv


10 Oct 2014 jawohl


10 Oct 2014 LegalizeStimHack

Hail the return of the best deck builder. Next round is on me! I swear if I had to keep using FFG's shitty ass DB I was gonna kill myself. Also this deck is superbly themed.

11 Oct 2014 yoyoson

I really hope @alsciende does not wake up in a dumpster!

12 Oct 2014 scd

I love the idea that the dumpster behind Duggar's apparently has a small pile of Monoliths in it.

14 Oct 2014 SlySquid

Love this deck! The theme is spot on and it looks like a super fun deck to play... How many games have you played and how's it doing?

14 Oct 2014 Diegofsv

@SlySquid I dont play that much with this deck, but its fun indeed. When all-nighter and duggars comes in, its pretty intense and fast, but its not fast enough against NEH FA (unless you get really lucky). The deck is more thematic and fun than competitve, but with some few modifications, it can become a little more consistent. For example, Scavenge do not do anything more that Femme reposition. I would probably remove it, And this deck screams Origami all day. I would love to see some tips about it.

14 Oct 2014 absolution

Doesn't Test Run/Scavenge allow you to draw twice with Exile (assuming you're test running out of your heap)? Seems like a nice added benefit.

By the way, I've never considered playing Monolith. What's the purpose? Obviously the memory and the 12 credits/3 clicks saved is great, but is the primary purpose of it really for damage prevention? In a deck like this it seems like making money and installing your breakers shouldn't be a big issue so I'm just curious as to how it's really supposed to work/help in this case. Sorry if noob question!

14 Oct 2014 Diegofsv

@absolution The idea here is full program trashing for money with freelance coding contract. This comes after a all-night + duggars. Install a magnus opus or keep trashing your programas and reset it all with Levy. After that, install monolith with a full breaker suit. The monolith ability put even more programs into the heap, if needed. Monolith supports the whole suite without using memchips.

15 Oct 2014 temporar

Very interesting, nice work.

16 Oct 2014 Zepaw

What a fun idea that I could totally see working (albeit inconsistently). My worry is I have seen Chronos Protocol in my meta. I think they're meant to knock out Noise but they'd be a quick death blow to this deck at the wrong time.

16 Oct 2014 Gilbod

I dropped Monolith for Leprechauns and added some R&D Interfaces. I use Test Run -> Scavenge to pay for huge breakers and draw a card.

Then I Magnum Opus for money and run with Clone Chip up so I can grab a Sharpshooter or Deus Ex as needed.

16 Oct 2014 Diegofsv

@Gilbod Amazing Idea...I did something really close to that in a v2 that I'm tweaking before posting. But just removing Monolith for Leprechauns already has a great effect on the deck.

16 Oct 2014 absolution

@Gilbod What'd you pull out in order to put in the RDIs, or did you simply add 3 more cards?

16 Oct 2014 Gilbod

-1 Deus X, -1 Battering Ram and -1 Gordian Blade

16 Oct 2014 Gilbod

It can be any three of the Icebreakers, there's enough tutors to find what you need when you need it, and with the Leprechauns you keep the chance of hitting the program targets you need for Freelance Coding.

17 Oct 2014 asteriskreaper

this thing is awesome man!!! I might try a variant next time I play.

17 Oct 2014 asteriskreaper

this thing is awesome man!!! I might try a variant next time I play.

17 Oct 2014 asteriskreaper

this thing is awesome man!!! I might try a variant next time I play.

17 Oct 2014 asteriskreaper

this thing is awesome man!!! I might try a variant next time I play.