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This deck is built on the idea that running any single remote against Jinteki:RP is going to be more expensive, and then makes your assets and upgrades even more costly to trash with Encryption Protocols.

Eventually you want a good pile of money plus Ash + Hokusai Combo with some Encryption Protocols on the side. Effectively you would force the runner to have to waste 3 clicks, take 2 damage and spend a good pile of credits just to take a look at a remote once. Then you recur your Ash with Howards.

Server diagnostics work very well in this deck since it has very low ICE density. What you want to do is play them early but don't rez them until all your centrals and your agenda-scoring remote have at least 1 ICE. If you have some encryption Protocols, the runner might leave 2 or 3 of them ticking for 4-5 turns afterwards, which is a lot of money.

Deck in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBf8bFf49Ow
4 Oct 2013 ScottyH
4 Oct 2013 Alsciende

Did you consider playing Himitsu-Bako? Even without its ability it's a nice ice and it would diversify your types.

4 Oct 2013 db0

I did, but I want ICE that punishes the runner who runs on my centrals before running a remote. Bako just stops them which effectively makes them lose 1 click. I need running a remote to always cost a few creds as well if possible, otherwise I might just as well leave Archives open.

4 Oct 2013 ttsgosadow

Thanks for sharing!

Can i also search decklists by user?

4 Oct 2013 vagoswear

Thanks db! I hope you will put up here also the one with Midori after it passes all tests!

6 Oct 2013 AsteriskCGY

I feel like Himitsu can be used early for just keeping out the Siphons and junk, then moved onto remotes just to make that a bit more annoying.

7 Oct 2013 db0

Possibly, but for siphon threats I prefer the flexibility of Chimera.

28 Oct 2013 ttsgosadow

Had a first turn remote with Shadow, Ash and Gila Hands; that really made my day. Was so strong financially after that.

29 Oct 2013 db0

Did you play the shadow on the remote, along with Ash and Gila?

30 Oct 2013 AsteriskCGY

Well I finally get how RP works and how HImitsu is pretty useless in this deck.

Sooooo how often do you get to overadvance Braintrust here?

30 Oct 2013 db0

Only if there's a really good and safe opportunity really.

30 Oct 2013 ttsgosadow

Yeah, set up all those cards in one remote :) turned out great!

1 Nov 2013 nbove

I have found that decks which rely upon siphon to drive their gameplay tend to rely heavily upon Crypsis and a stack of credits in order to guarantee their siphons go off without a hitch. Chimera does very little to help against such a threat. Perhaps Chum instead? Chum would make your Dracos and Shadows a lot more threatening/taxing.

2 Nov 2013 db0

Chum doesn't work in Jinteki:RP, as the runner can just bounce off the chum to hit a remote if they want. They will do the same on chimera as well of course, but chimera at least also works to let you quickly score an agenda if needed.

Also Chum does not help against Crypsis, since they will just ignore Chum and go through to break what is behind it. Perhaps when swordsman comes out it will really hold them off from running with just Crypsis at two unknown ICE.

3 Nov 2013 jakechance

Are there enough opportunities for a runner to float a tag that PSF is a better 4/2 than Nisei Mk II?

4 Nov 2013 AsteriskCGY

Well it also works that PSF forces runners to spend the time to remove tags, which makes last click runs vs snares more dangerous. And RP already wastes one click on the central run, being able to waste more consistently over the game probably helps more. Granted, a couple Plascrates means the few tags this list can sport will mean even less than an SE, and Nisei means you can stop the run on that remote as well, but that only works once.

4 Nov 2013 Kaleithel

Very nice deck indeed. Just a question: have you considered putting a third copy of Ash 2X3ZB9CY, just to be sure you have it in your hand when you need it?

5 Nov 2013 db0

I'd love another Ash, but I can't afford the influence.

@jake, Nisei doesn't work so well in this deck, because my remotes are not that heavily defended so you would usually just end up stopping an undefended run. OTOH the PSF helps somewhat combat tag-me runners who can be a real nuisance against a ICE-light deck.