Punitive Awakening

ain 6

Just an idea I'm testing.

15 Oct 2014 temporar

You have 21 agenda points. Dropping 1x Priority Req for 1x NAPD, maybe? Stealing 2 pointers will not get you in PC killing range but it will drain the Runner's economy making that final PC blow cheaper to fund.

Have you considered adding brain damaging cards? Cerebral Overwriter? Or bringing 3x Victor 1.0, instead of 3x Eli 1.0? Swapping Heimdall 1.0 to 2.0? 1x Janus? That could make PC kill easier to pull.

GRNDL fits well in this deck. Nice pick. Interesting theme. Worth investigating. Kudos for trying to make Awakening Center work :-).

15 Oct 2014 ain

This is the first draft and most things are bound to change. Having trouble with economy right now so I'm not sure I'll even stick to the Punitive Counterstrike plan.

Replacing a 5/3 with an NAPD would be to my detriment. The runner would still have to score 3 times, but I wouldn't be able to win with 3 scores by the NAPD.

The brain damage cards are a nice idea. Especially Cerebral Overwriter would fit well here. I'm not convinced of most Bioroids. Heimdall 1.0 and Viktor 2.0 are my prime targets for Awakening Center. Everything else should just slow down the runner.

I'm most likely going to drop the Inazuma for a 3rd Refinery and will consider including asset economy. Otherwise the runner doesn't have enough incentive to run on my remote.