Tellurian 206

Well, there are no more big tournaments around me in the near future, so I might as well publish the deck that's been terrorizing our local meta for the last few months. Started with the UK Regionals winning list, and has become a bit more extreme since then.

The basic plan: Create taxing servers to keep the runner poor, and use Punitives to make it scary to actually score. Run 3 pointers and Domestic Sleepers to play a "2 for me, 3 for you" game kind of like Harmony Medtech does with Shi-Kyu. Use econ assets to fade Siphons, and use bioroids with Enhanced Login Protocol to pressure the runner's clicks.

I won't go too in depth on how to play for now, as I'm planning video deck techs/match videos, but one thing I do want to stress: the element of surprise isn't actually necessary to win. Once the runner learns about Punitive, that's when the fun starts as it warps their play and makes them need a scoring window the same way you do. Try it out and enjoy the fear!

Feel free to ask about specific matchups!

19 Oct 2014 Alsciende

Speaking of match-ups, you have 9 ice with a strength of 4, and 5 more with a strength of 5. Don't you feel you're too vulnerable to a Atman at 4?

19 Oct 2014 DrunkenGineer

Architect is actually strength 3, not strength 4. With that said, I'm also curious about the rest of the ice's ability to stand up to Katman.

19 Oct 2014 Tellurian

I see a lot more fixed breakers than Atman in my meta, hence the Vipers and Lotus Field. If Katman is bigger in your meta, those would be the first ones I'd swap for something else.

21 Oct 2014 weepinggorilla

This deck absolutely kills it, A+

26 Oct 2014 thebriarfox

Not good enough to play Jinteki? Can't contort yourself into the moral grey area needed to play NBN and not feel a burning sense of shame?

This is your pony.