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Happy Birthday Liza [Euregio Winner]


Description by the author: krystman 2610

This is an Apocalypse Liza build that carried me to the 1st place at the Euregio 8 tournament. I placed 3rd after Swiss and lost just 2 games with Liza on that day - one being an auto-loss against Argus. The other against Palana.

The deck is nothing unique. It's a slight mod of the Tagme Lisa deck from Worlds by tf34.


  • Added a Legwork

  • Replaced one Indexing by Apocalypse

  • Replaced the Hot Pursuits with Embezzle

I tried running Mad Dash instead of Employee Strike but switched back to ES because of MtI. I also tried Inside Job instead of Falsified Credentials but I often found getting into servers wasn't the real issue.

I like this deck a lot. You can run like crazy. Due to the robust breaker suite you can afford to face-check Jinteki ice - which can be financially devastating. You're so fast you can even sometimes win a meat damage match-up if you're lucky. Apocalypse helps if a glaciar corp or a asset spam corp somehow did manage to set up shop. But don't let the fear of losing the single copy keep you form face-checking things.

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