This continues a trend that I'm really not a fan of: HB getting the lion's share of 5 influence cards on the Corp side. I'm not opposed to a five influence card by any means. What I take issue with is how it seems like HB gets more of them than any other faction. All of the norse god bioroids (Wotan, Tyr, Loki, and Fairchild), Game Changer, Kill Switch, Black Level Clearance, and Load Testing are all five influence. Add in Director Haas and Cybernetics Court and that's 11 of the 19 corp cards with five influence. Weyland has the second most with four, and then Jinteki and NBN each have two. All four factions have one "chairman" executive that runs the company (the aforementioned Director Haas, Victoria Jenkins, Chairman Hiro, and The Board) and one exhibit hall from The Universe of Tomorrow (Cybernetics Court, Franchise City, Worlds Plaza, and Genetics Pavilion) and weyland has a massive ICE (Oduduwa) and another intense meat damage effect (High-Profile Target). There's your five influence cardpool. You'll also notice that most of these effects aren't that good. Maybe not god-awful and only there for lore, but I'm not sure if these are faction-defining effects. I'm not sure why this keeps happening. For me five influence should be a rare occurrence, and seeing HB get so many is just bizarre. Furthermore, some of these effects seem like they should be more universally available. Load Testing comes to mind the quickest, but I can also see an argument for Black Level Clearance. Is this a minor quibble? Absolutely. I don't hold this against the design team or Mr. Suied here at all. And Big Deal is a fine card in its own right. Thank you for indulging me this review/rant. Hopefully we see more five influence cards in other factions soon.

It's the card designed to finally make Street Magic shine :).

On a more serious note: the real question is, how good is this in it's true home of Ob Superheavy Logistics. If the runner breaks but lets the trash-this sub fire, that probably means there is going to be a Border Control on this server for free through their ID 'Obgrade' ability, ending the run at the corps whim.

So if you want to get through on the same run, paying 5 with Paperclip or even Propeller is expensive enough that you start to calculate how often you would want to do this. This may get better with time, but on a run you want to succeed at, this will never be less than 4 to break with Clippy against Ob. Also unlike Sandstones strength, there is no known way of hastening the process of eroding the subroutines - at least yet. Notably, at least in the Startup format you're looking at

  • a much worse with 6 or 7 for Cleaver,

  • 7 or 8 for Corroder as well as

  • 8 or 9 for a Gauss that's been around for a while, or 6 or 7 on the turn it was installed. That's pretty hefty and a good reason to not skimp on the influence for your fracter looking back to Standard.

Also be on guard if the Ob you are playing against uses Envelopment

As we are talking sad already:

Envelopment gets released


No, the run is only considered successful for the marked server. You will skip to the breach phase of HQ meaning it will not count as being successful run. You would need to also run HQ in order to play Deep Dive.


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