Program: Virus • Install: 1 • Memory: 1 • Influence: 1

Whenever you make a successful run on a central server, place 1 virus counter on Datasucker.

Hosted virus counter: Rezzed piece of ice currently being encountered has -1 strength until the end of the encounter.

Anarch • Chelsea Conlin • Core Set #8 | Alternates #7
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  • Can be searched with Djinn
  • very flexible in its use
  • one of the cheapest viruses, so Noise loves it


  • Virus counters can be purged, so if you rely on it too heavily to be able to defeat ice, sometimes the Corp can shut you out with a timely purge
  • Memory slots for non-breakers are sometimes scarce


  • probably the most non-committal card in order to get some pressure on Archives
  • useful to enable fixed-strength breakers - Yog.0, Mimic and Morning Star
  • usually you get 1 credit worth of virus counter for a successful run on a central server, just that these "credits" can be removed by the corp
  • so you should try to use them liberally
  • they synergize nicely with Desperado and other cards that give bonuses for runs, because ultimately each server has a certain price tag, but it gets more and more expensive for the corp to increase the price while the value of multiple Datasuckers is linear.