Program: Daemon • Install: 2 • Memory: 1 • Influence: 2

Djinn can host up to 3 of non-icebreaker programs.

The memory costs of hosted programs do not count against your memory limit.

, 1: Search your stack for a virus program, reveal it, and add it to your grip. Shuffle your stack.

Anarch • Mark Anthony Taduran • Core Set #9
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  • essentially 2MU for non-icebreakers
  • tutoring is always welcome, even if "only" for viruses


  • you have to have 1MU free to begin with


  • very vulnerable to program destruction, since hosted programs also go to the trash
  • so don't host everything immediately on Djinn, if you have still some regular MU to spare
  • Sacrificial Construct or Sharpshooter can protect Djinn
  • the tutor effect is super cheap, paying 1 credit for a certain card (and being able to do that over and over again) is really good
  • the cost is especially cheap in view of maximizing Cyberfeeder usage
  • can be the cornerstone for a Shaper-virus deck via Test Run or Self-modifying Code
  • a Djinn can actually host another Djinn
  • list of all viruses: