Resource: Connection • Install: 5 • Influence: 2

: Gain 1 and draw 1 card.

Sometimes it doesn't matter how expensive your rig his, or how many credits are in your account, or even your skill as a runner. Most of the time, a simple handshake and a name are all you need.
Shaper • Matt Zeilinger • Creation and Control 49
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Professional Contacts

Commonly referred to as: ProCo


  • This provides click compression (multiple benefits from a one click) of cards and credits
    • and more card draw is an especially valuable thing to get in click compression as each new card can help you improve your board position
  • Long-term income source


  • As a high-cost Resource, makes you very vulnerable to being tagged
  • The high install cost can be a tempo hit
  • Needs to be installed early in game for best effect, so you really need 3 copies or tutors for it if you want to play it

Notable interactions

  • As a connection, can be tutored by Hostage
  • Breaking News can be scored from installed but unadvanced, or with SanSan City Grid, to leave you tagged for the single click required to trash this
  • Anti-synergy with the excellent Diesel, since that draws cards without ProCo gaining any credits
  • great with fast-tempo econ cards like Modded, Sure Gamble and Daily Casts that cost only zero or one click to provide their economic gain
  • Anti-synergy with Magnum Opus, since they are both expensive cards that demand a lot of clicks used on them to recoup playing them.
  • Can work nicely with Kati Jones as she only uses one per turn, and this provides trickle credit income while she provides a counter-balance burst income

Final Thoughts

  • a powerful supplemental economic engine for decks that want to draw a lot of cards
    • but make sure you have plenty of other economy because each credit you get from this comes with another card you probably want to play - so if they cost more than 1 you can run out of credits or grip really fast.