Sync Psychobiotics

CJFM 2251

What I've been playing.

23 Oct 2015 Dothanite

how well has this worked for you? How often do you Midseason Replacements?

I like this build alot. Going to try it out some today.

23 Oct 2015 CJFM

Honestly, that's the one card I'm not sure about. When I had 2-3 I rarely used them, so I went to 1. I use it (or are able to use it) in maybe 1/4 matchups, and usually when the runner is trying to keep off tags. I can see losing the card entirely, since if they're going tag-me News Team will always give them tags. You want it for those times when the runner is playing very clean and you just need to score that last agenda with Psycho.

Other changes I've considered: adding an enigma (or two).

24 Oct 2015 Veste

I've been playing something very similar to this; what are your thoughts on Gutenberg vs. Turnpike? I haven't played with Biotic Labor in my build, how do you like it?

How reliably have you been able to stick multiple tags?

24 Oct 2015 CJFM

Gutenberg is one of the best ice in the deck. Sometimes you can just throw it anywhere and land the tag, and other times it helps you score cats.

Turnpike is worth it until they get out mimic, but Gute requires multiple solutions (D4v1d, Suckers, Mimic). Gute's more resistant to Parasite when on R&D. That said, Turnpike can be more taxing if they don't Parasite it. I suspect they're both likely to land the tag about the same amount of time early game, but Gutenberg will remain a dangerous much longer. It also requires 3 cards from Faust.

Biotic Labor is what you'd expect in a FA deck, but here it just offers a bit more resilience and less reliance on Psycho. You can FA with or without tags, which is nice. Also, you sometimes just need to Biotic out an astro early (and when you're racing Noise, that actually matters).

24 Oct 2015 Dothanite

Why the Celebrity Gift? Yes it can get you the money you need if Midseasons is the focus but in a deck with such porous ice it seems out of place.

I'm playing around with the influence and took a more yellow flash approach: -1 Celebrity gift, +1 GLC +1 Archived Memories. Haven't played around with it enough to say it's an improvement.

I will say that this deck as is has been very difficult for me to pilot. It's been hard to land tags right now. Definitely love the challenge this deck has given me, though. Any tips?

24 Oct 2015 M0H4WK

How much do u use the astro? It would be cool to try it out with a beale. I play a simular list. I play with 3e, isn't that an option?

24 Oct 2015 tlongwell

@Il_Falco I just lost to this deck (played by someone else) on Jinteki. The Astros are needed. I was Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist, and dripping 5 per turn, and it was chaining Astros that beat me. (Combined with hitting 3 Quantum Predictive Model while running through a Data Raven.)

24 Oct 2015 CJFM

@Dothanite: celeb gift is the fastest way to get out of a money hole or getting cash to biotic, and you don't really care if you show them a GFI. Hard to argue with more money.

Archived is fine, but what are you archiving for?

@Il_Falco I consistently score two astros with this deck. But the big thing is that after you get one scored, the runner is almost forced to check every unadvanced remote or you can never advance into biotic a food. The speed of the deck forces runners to float tags, which turns on psycho and makes resistor bigger.

24 Oct 2015 Dothanite

@CJFM Archived Memories helps bring back a trashed Jackson, Biotic, Fast Track, CVS, or Midseason. I've been playing with it all this morning and have had great success. I realized my piloting error was me trying to tag the runner when really I should just score out. It's been a blast sine then.

25 Oct 2015 CJFM

@Dothanite Archived for CVS is pretty great. Think you convinced me. :)

26 Oct 2015 SlayerCNV

Without seeing this deck I built a very similar one, but with less and different ices, 2x Midseason Replacements and 2x News Team and a single The All-Seeing I. I use 9 ices with more econs. Still now I'm 5 of 5 but not sure about Midseason and news team.. How u fell with those ices?

26 Oct 2015 CJFM

@SlayerCNV Do you mean how do I like the current ice suite? I think it could use some better ice, maybe eli, maybe viper.

8 Nov 2015 voltorocks

tested this a bit recently with -1 Celebrity Gift -1 Green Level Clearance -1 Midseason Replacements -1 Resistor +1 Restructure +1 Pachinko +2 Archived Memories

really good build, puts sync to great use:

The Biotics are a smart include; I think a lot of people are looking at scorch for such a tag-heavy ID, but Biotic allows you to threaten them for being too careful as well as threatening them with psychos for being too reckless.

I never missed midseasons - I think it's an easy cut. double archived memories felt really good, I was always happy to draw one - great for CVS, psycho, fastrack, or even just for econ or parasited ICE if you're desperate.

Pachinko ranged from so-so to great.; it was never truly dead. I have an inordinate amount of link decks in my meta right now, so there've definitely been a couple games when resistor just gets turned "off" because I can't keep boosting the trace. YMMV obviously.

8 Nov 2015 CJFM

@voltorocks I'm for about cutting Midseasons, and adding archived is smart. I do think pachinko has some uses, a good switch for the meta. Resistor has just been amazing for me. I've gone to 1 tollbooth, 1 enigma, dropping a pop up and Archangel. Has been strong.

28 Nov 2015 Benjen

Here's something I've been trying: An Offer You Can't Refuse through your best tagging ice. Just one more way to score a BS agenda or get them tagged. Double Gutenberg or Virgo should do the trick.

I made a similar deck and tried Project Beale but realized the pressure from AstroScript Pilot Program was completely necessary. You have to make them start running.

Anyway, totally digging SYNC: Everything, Everywhere right now.

29 Nov 2015 voltorocks

@Benjen Yeah, been playing alot more with this deck, and while I get that people really, really want to have beale in any psycho deck, I think the current agenda suite is just so spot-on perfect. It's important to remember that midseasons (if you're still running it; I'm not) is a backup plan at best, and totally unrealiable and expensive at worst; so the liklihood that you can truly "combo out" with a beale is super low; a much better aim is to use it as an in-faction fast advance tool to force clot on every install, or barring clot, to simply use to force out those winning points.

@CJFM tried those changes to code gates, and it's probably right. a simple early or midgame rush for an astro token wins a lot of games (as much as I hate giving up the pop-up, I find ppl aren't wanting to run a lot anyways given all the gutenbergs and data ravens I'm packing)