Asset: Executive • Rez: 0 • Trash: 3 • Influence: 1

: Draw 2 cards.

Remove Jackson Howard from the game: Shuffle up to 3 cards from Archives to R&D.

"It is my job to ensure our creations are the perfect companions and edutainment for tomorrow's consumers."
NBN • JuanManuel Tumburus • Opening Moves #15
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Jackson Howard

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The executive that no Corp can live without. Free to rez, gives 2 cards per click, has a fairly steep trash-to-rez ratio, is one influence and can bring cards back from the dead. Almost every corporation deck can benefit from this card, even just to bring back trashed operations. This card is like Wyldside and Déjà Vu for the cost of free.

Never give a Gorman Drip v1 a single token. Save up a couple influence points as a Corp for Mr. Howard, you won't regret it.