Operation • Cost: 4 • Influence: 4

Gain .

"Why of course, we have six different Haas-Bioroid models serving in a variety of positions at this branch office alone. We here at Haas-Bioroid aren't going to shy away from practicing what we preach, and we pass the savings from increased efficiency on to our valued customers."
Haas-Bioroid • Mark Anthony Taduran • Core Set #59
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Biotic Labor


  • a 4th click is a magic number for Corps


  • reasonably expensive
  • very high in influence


  • now what should that extra click be used on?
  • since you invested 4 credits and a card to begin with, don't use it to draw cards or get credits (very new players tend to do that from time to time)
  • out of all Corp actions, advancing agendas is the most likely
  • this allows you to score 3 difficult agendas out of hand (such as ABT, Project Vitruvius, AstroScript Pilot Program and Project Beale
  • also allows to score 4 difficult agendas on the table (ie, installed a previous turn, but innocently not advanced yet)
  • has a very sweet synergy with Melange Mining Corp. as it cost exactly 7 credits with Biotic Labor to score a 3 difficult agenda out of hand. So you can alternate between mining and scoring without needing an extra agenda server or exposing your agendas to be accessed by the runner
  • having some counters (or even 1) on Project Vitruvius supports this theme nicely - to recur a Biotic Labor