https://netrunnerdb.com/ can be queried via an http API.

This API is provided for use in deckbuilders, card databases, tournament managers, and other tools that are a complement to playing Android: Netrunner.

All texts are copyrighted by Fantasy Fight Games.

Public and OAuth2

There are two kinds of API endpoints: public and private. Public API endpoints are available to everyone, while private API endpoints use OAuth2 and are only available to registered clients (applications). If you need such an access, please send me an email describing your project, including the Application Name, the Application Website and a Redirect URI (you can read this awesome page for more info on OAuth2) and I'll send you credentials.


The documentation can be found here: https://netrunnerdb.com/api/doc.


/api/2.0/public/card/01001 returns data for card 01001
/api/2.0/public/packs returns data for all packs


The response is encoded in utf-8. The HTTP header is Content-Type:application/json; charset=UTF-8.


Please conform to HTTP Caching best practices when building your queries.