Fetal AI

Fetal AI 5/2

Agenda: Ambush

While the Runner is accessing this agenda in R&D, they must reveal it.

When the Runner accesses this agenda anywhere except in Archives, do 2 net damage.

As an additional cost to steal this agenda, the Runner must pay 2[credit].

Illustrated by Eko Puteh
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Trace Amount (ta)

#32 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2017-04-09

    The Runner must pay the 2 to steal Fetal AI from Archives. [Official FAQ]


This is a solid agenda, though not one you necessarily plan on scoring. Basically, it lets you get more trap density in your deck by simultaneously counting towards minimum agenda points. The 5/2 ratio is awful, but it makes the chance of surprise flatline that much greater, and even if they're able to steal it, it's yet another drain on their resources. The scenario in which they encounter and can't pay 2 is a nice bonus also, but not that likely to happen these days.

(Escalation era)

A five for two is an unusual agenda cost, and because of that it doesn’t see as much play. Not only is it difficult to score, but unlike a five for three, it doesn’t reduce the number of agendas in a deck as well. It has two difficult drawbacks because of that. Yet it still sees a lot of play.

This is simply because of the fact it protects itself. It bites back when accessed, and if the runner doesn’t have the credits to steal it, it stays there. It is used with other agendas like it that protect themselves, and creates a difficult situation for the runner. Not only is damage a threat, but a number of credits has to be kept on hand ‘just in case’ during every run which might encounter these kinds of agendas.

While Fetal AI hasn’t seen as much use out of the currently powerful Jinteki: Replicating Perfection, it still is a common agenda that has been a staple part of many Jinteki plans at world domination.

(Chrome City era)

Fetal AI is part of the agenda suite, with Sting! and Obotaka Protocol, which allow Jinteki to flatline the runner. It self protect itself in 3 ways.

First, it cost 2 creds, if you do not have that, yo cannot steal it.

Second, it will give 2 net damage (+1 if stolen, if you are Jinteki Personal Evolution), setting the runner up for other damage (like from Ronin). It is unlikely to flatline the runner, but in case of multiaccess, if one of the other card is Snare!, it is possible to outright flatline the runner. This isi why Mwanza City Grid synergize well with this agenda.

Third, it is only 2 agenda points. It might cost the corp 5 advancements, it will always be a hefty price to pay for the runner.

In a trap and ambush heavy deck, it fit right in. It is also very good for grinding the runner out of card. Jinteki many ways to kill runner.

Aside from Mwanza City Grid, it synergize well with cards like Hokusai Grid, Prisec and Ben Musashi. Along this, the corp will look to use Sting!, Obotaka Protocol and House of Knives in its agenda suite.

To top it all, the art is spooky! What could be a quote to fit with it?

(Uprising era)

A quote to fit with it? It has to be short to fit on a card with so much text, so how about 'Ouch!'?

@Krams : I like cards to have a quote, it gives flavor to an otherwise mechanical text. Your suggestion really encapsulate what this does. The spooky version would be "I see you". The art of this card is among the most disturbing in Netrunner, it should have a fitting flavor.

"Fetal AI cry is one of the worst sounds that anyone can think of."