Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server 3[credit]

Asset: Facility
Trash: 3
Influence: 2

2[recurring credit]

Use these credits to rez ice.

so very still, even
cherry blossoms are not stirred
by the temple bell
Illustrated by Emilio Rodríguez
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A Study in Static (asis)

#72 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Two credits each turn

and yet deck space is so tight -

this sees little play

The credits are not

used every turn and also

three to trash is few

Maybe Gagarin

with Executive Boot Camp

Could use this - but the Weyland Corporation has no sense of aesthetics.

(Chrome City era)
+1 for haiku review. I think it's ok if you don't have the jinteki cards to beat their economic weakness in core, but beyond being a band-aid, it doesn't have a good purpose —
Dedicated Server has been rendered completely obsolete by Mumba Temple. Would be cool to see more of the "ice rez discount" concept in the Jinteki Color Pie, tho. —