Hardware • Install: 3 • Influence: 3

The first time you install a program from your grip during your turn, gain click.

Trash Autoscripter if you make an unsuccessful run.

It practically runs itself, unless you're in a pinch.
Criminal • Lucas Durham • Up and Over 76
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- Good synergy with Djinn: pays back the click to tutor. Add a couple of Cyber feeders and start your engines.

  • Good with Special Order: it pays back the extra click to tutor, given the program is installed right afterwards.

    • Pays back the click spent to install SMC.

    • Makes Saharara completely free (0 clicks, 0 credits).

    • Great synergy with Savoir faire: nets you a 5th click in the turn, for a cost of 2 credits. Early Bird + Savoir Faire + Autoscripter + Doppleganger = 3 runs + 4 clicks remaining, along with a zero-click program install. Creates a favorable environment to add Notoriety and Quest Completed.

    • Great with Mass install : 3 programs (a complete rig, or 3 Caissas with Deep Red in play) for zero click is huge.

    • Great with Pawn when it 'scores'. Allows a 5th click too + a zero-click program installed.

  • For Virus programs, allows to trash 5 cards from HQ a turn with Noise / DLR.


  • Works only if the program is installed from your grip, so anti synergetic with Clone Chip, Personal Workshop, SMC, Scavenge, Retrieval Run.

  • Must be trashed if you make an unsuccessful run. So it bends the game plan towards a rig development phase.

  • At 3 influence, here is once again a card that The Professor would have loved to play but will never.

I think I will give it try with Ken.

(Up and Over era)
I think it's worth noticing the synergy with London Library allows you to install 1 extra femme for example —