LLDS Memory Diamond

LLDS Memory Diamond 4[credit]

Hardware: Mod
Influence: ○○○○

+1memory unit, +1link

Your maximum hand size is increased by 1.

It is not literally made of diamonds, but it is worth several times its weight in them.
Illustrated by Wenjuinn Png
Decklists with this card

Terminal Directive Cards (td)

#15 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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It is not literally made of diamonds, but it is worth several times its weight in them.

Funny thing... diamond's arn't actually worth much, that's just the result of De Beers having a monopoly so they can shrink their supply, and they are seen as valuable because of a ridiculous marketing push to make people use diamond engagement rings.

So, why bring this up? Lets just have a look at this card...

It might see some play in decks that might have otherwise played Dyson Mem Chip, which for one less credit, and being a 0 influence neutral card, provides you with the MU and the link, but not the bonus hand size.

Furthermore, this being in Shaper rather than neutral, like Dyson Mem Chip, basically just limits the decks it will be played in. (Dyson mostly having seen play in slower Criminal decks unless I'm mistaken) and I don't see the +1 hand size being worth enough to make anyone flock to it anyway.

The only place I can see myself using this, is in the Terminal Directive campaign, playing MU stacking Ayla, where it's another mem chip you can fit in your deck after all of your Akamatsu Mem Chips and Dhegdheers.

Just like diamonds in real life, the LLDS Memory diamond really isn't worth much.

(Terminal Directive Cards era)
Addional Note: The Usage of the 'Link' subtype gets more and more inconsistent... Just like 'Mod' and, well, a lot of others... —
Nice review. In fairness though your assessment of a diamonds value applies equally to everything in a market economy. —
While I do not doubt that you are correct this is still a card I'll end up playing because like Dyson it saves me from having to make too many difficult choices regarding MU and it lets me have that sweet extra link that will turn out to be completely useless in practice. And extra hand size lets me avoid too many difficult decisions about which card to discard. —
I do like that LLDS Diamond comes in the same set as Dean Lister, who can boost the heck out of your breaker strength based on how many cards you have in your hand. —
I think they HAD to put this card in. It's alluded to waaay back in the core set, on the flavor text of shadow, of all things... —