Asset • Rez: 4 • Trash: 1 • Influence: 4

click, click, click: Add Echo Chamber to your score area as an agenda worth 1 agenda point.

"Capitalism runs on two things: amplified arrogance and censored dissent. With those, a corp can create any environment it wants." - Freedom Khumalo
NBN • Donald Crank • Sovereign Sight 15
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Echo Chamber
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Annoying asset that advances your gameplan if it goes by unnoticed

Offers no points to the runner

Can be used as bait to create a tagging situation


Costly for only 1 point, 4 credits and 4 clicks is close to the effort of a 3/1

measly 1 trash can easily be paid for by most runners

Overall, a really annoying card for asset spam decks and those that want to score points without the risk of agenda theft

(Sovereign Sight era)