World's 8th Best Adam! (228 Overall :)

Agasha 237

Top 8 ADAM, baby! Well, only because less than 8 bioroids showed up on my day! Woot.

This deck went 2-5. I made some play mistakes, and after getting swept in my first two rounds, I decided that I was switching over to beer-mode. It's easy to do with that Surly Furious.

Match 1 - vs Peter Dixon on Gagarin. 0-1

Things were going OK until I ran foolishly into a naked MVT. Econ cratered, and I think got the HHN -> BOOM! to start the day. I think.

Match 2 - vs UK player on CtM. 0-2

Nice guy. Commented that I had brought "fun decks," (my corp was PE) when he was on MaxX and CtM. I had a couple of early steals, but I miscounted the point totals on GFI and went all in on a Freedom run that bankrupted me. Got to 6, but couldn't close.

Match 3 - vs Joshua from Nashville / Chicago on Argus, 1-2

He was on Argus. We forgot his trigger a couple of times early when I stole some stuff. Adam doing his thing meant that I got two grabs from HQ and got to see the top of R&D, and I don't think he was able to get set up.

Match 4 - vs Derrick from Chicago on Azmari. 1-3

I got to 6 points pretty quickly with a lucky, lucky RD poke. He got some cash going, though, and was able to lock my out of his scoring remote with Navi Mumbai Grid, which basically read no logic bombs allowed. He scored out an Echo Chamber.

Match 5 - vs Brian from Perth on ASA, 1-4

Jinja-ed up RD and HQ. I scored to 5 or 6 but sold out with Logic Bombs on run down the scoring remote. Accessed, but it was Ikawah, and Logic at my last click. That would have won the game, but instead, I limped along and made a last stab or two at R&D, but there was so much ice and money to rez it. What's a Bioroid to do?

Match 6 - vs Clay Larson from LA on Palana, 2-4

Back and forth game. As Adam does, I scored a couple early, but he was able to get right back in with Nisei and an Obo. I was 5 points when I made a run down HQ with 6 cards in hand. Hit a Data Loop and go down to 4 cards. He hits the Nisei token on a hunch. I am feeling feisty and run RD again. Data look drops me to 2 cards. This was one of my luckiest moments in the tourney, because the game winning Obokata is on the top of the deck. Find the Truth + RNG Key, baby! I chose 2 cards as my reward, moving to 4 in hand when I access and score for the win. The best Adam moment of the day for me.

Inter-match celebration celebratory beer

Match 7 vs TIM BUN from Team Covenant on Mti, 2-5

Another one where I score early, and if I recall correctly, benefit from a good Estrike run. Tim battles back, scores, and sets up a remote that I can't get into with the game on the table. He had a Nisei token or two, and he graciously showed me, a couple of Battys waiting to ambush me with science in the remote. I was still pumped about the prior match, intimidated by Tim, and relieved that he brought up IDing. For his troubles he did win both the Eli bounties. I embarrassed him by taking a commemorative photo of our match slip.

Overall, I had a blast. My deck was OK, but I didn't pilot it well, missing all sorts of triggers. Thanks to my opponents and to the whole scene, which was even better than advertised.


2 Oct 2018 bashwell

What directives did you bring?

10 Oct 2018 Agasha

`@bashwell FTT, NAT, and SF