Fast Lane - 26th UK Nats

hemraa 177

This is a streamlined Reeducation Neurospike Azmari deck that I took to UK Nats 2022 (Midnight Sun meta), with four wins (419, Sable, Zahya, and Freedom) and two losses (Adam and Wu). It was boosted massively by the presence of other Azmari decks and no-one (apart from my meta mate Ben in round 4) was playing around it,

Inspired by decks from Diogene (Fast Ball) and Cluster Fox (Surplus Energy), this is a hyper-focused kill deck, going down to 40 cards in order to assemble the combo of Reeducation, Seamless Launch and Neurospike. That is the only game plan of this deck and it tries to get there as fast as possible, while not giving the game away, as runners were often happy to let you have the first score, or were scared of Hard Hitting News.

My runner deck was Sokka's Apocolat from Worlds, going 4-3 (losing the last round 241).

A big shout out to everyone who helped me prepare and test for this, all my opponents, and to Paulyg and all those involved in running this great event.

Please ask if you want to know more about the deck.

15 Jan 2023 Diogene

Congratulations on going 4-2 with your deck.

What was your reasoning for your ice suite?

Thanks for sharing!

17 Jan 2023 Cliquil

Excellent deck, as always.