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efay 92

I've been a fan of Spark since it was released, although it's honestly never been a top tier ID. I just enjoy the control style of play that comes with this.

It had been a few months since I last played a Spark list, but as soon as I saw Economic Warfare, I knew this was something I wanted to build. Being able to do something like Eco Warfare, Eco Warfare, Hard Hitting News can be a pretty big tempo hit, particularly when done after baiting an economy destructive run.

You'll note that I don't actually run even Hedge Fund, that's maybe just a personal thing, but I've found with Spark I can run on fairly low credit totals, and can and will go to low/no credits fairly often in a game. NGO Front by itself is honestly a huge credit swing, especially when it's in a 3 ICE deep server that you are baiting the Runner into going after.

Some random notes:

  • Jua - I was testing this out. It's interesting, outright devasting in one game where I picked Mopus and Maw, and they picked Mopus, which then couldn't be reinstalled that turn. But that's an outlier case, so probably swap this with something else.

  • Elizabeth Mills - This was a tech card for use against Mining Accident Val lists, of which I ended up playing against zero of, go figure. Swap to another Eco Warfare.

12 Feb 2018 Tolaasin

How do you leverage tags in this deck? There's the one EoI, obviously but beyond that?

12 Feb 2018 efay

@Tolaasin mostly just for resource trashing and the threat that there was something more coming (besides the EoI).

12 Feb 2018 efay

@Tolaasin mostly was just used for resource trashing and the possible threat that there was something more. In my previous iteration I had Psychographics in, and could see working that back in again.

12 Feb 2018 thunderfist

I am disappointed that this deck does not run Special Offer, given the name.

12 Feb 2018 efay

@thunderfist I'm sorry that I disappointed you. I will include double the number of Special Offers in the next iteration.

In all seriousness, my older versions of Spark ran it, just didn't fit in with this one.

13 Feb 2018 thunderfist

@efay Excellent, all my concerns are addressed now. Thank you ;)

11 Apr 2018 Bokonon

Is the Jua not there as tech against bin breakers?