IAA Jemison 12th @UK Nats (5-1 in Swiss, 1-0 in cut)

xccam 383

Thanks PiCat314

I’ve been continuing to love playing Jemison and have not stopped tweaking these decks ever since my first (Standard tournament).

PiCat314 deserves a huge shout out as the creator of my Jemison Alt Art ID which was sent to me all the way from Canada, and I’m thrilled to have represented it well - please check out their (Instagram) and future Alt Art projects - they are the coolest!

Thanks to the Aldershot meta for encouraging me to actually go to UK nats this year (I wasn’t coming for quite a while), and being the coolest meta in the UK.

Always be confident


Mostly an evolution of Per Urtica Ad Astra, the deck leans more into just install advance advancing cards early and finding out if they are going to run after my Jemison really misfired at EMEA and needed a small overhaul. All 6 wins were delivered through a Clearinghouse flatline. Cerebral can really help with this, as flatlining a 3 hand size runner is a lot easier than a 5 hand size runner.

This deck was let down by my runner stalling out (4-4 overall, 0-2 in the cut) and I think it genuinely has a lot of options playing into quite a few runners.

Key Cards and thoughts on play

2xCerebral Overwriter- A really good card for lowering hand size (makes wincondition easier) and convincing them to leave remotes well enough alone. Win/win for 3 credits. Plus, stream enjoyed it. stream enjoying it

3xClearinghouse - 6+ meat damage with no tag needed is always good.

2xUrtica Cipher - it fires for free, costs credits to fire and is just really good.

2xNGO - Rotage: “I like 2 NGO, they can never find the 3rd”

The main debate I'd been having was on whether to run Urtica or Cerebral, and how many. I eventually decided on both.

On the morning of the Saturday I dropped the 3rd NGO for a single Oberth, and it was a good card in at least 1 game and so is justified.

Brief Overview of games played

R1 - Kay (Hoshiko)

Score agendas, advance clearinghouse a bit and then forfeit to kill They stole SDS, trashing conduit, chipped it back, I immediately scored an SDS to trash conduit again. Eventually kill with Clearinghouse.

R2 - Adam Hartwell (Esa)

I have no recollection of this game, but Jemison won. I think maybe this was just hard advancing a clearinghouse to 4 with no tricks whilst Esa was down to 3 hand size early game with no Marrow.

R3 - RotomAppliance (Sable)

This was the deck’s only loss of the weekend - I was too greedy in the early game and scored a False Lead allowing an HQ bounce with Hermes. Aumakua+wake+hermes completely flattened me from there and I never rebuilt a board of any kind. Rotom completely outplayed me.

R4 - MattOhNo (Sable)

Having just lost to Sable by being greedy I played this relatively sensibly. Turn 2 I IAAed an SDS naked on the table, losing it to Matt’s Curupeira. I was able to get Border Controls on all 3 centrals and slowly played from their, manually purging Aumakua 3 times to lock down behind barriers, whilst stranding one of the Boomerangs on the table to make getting new Turtle counters too difficult and eventually I was able to fire off a killer Clearinghouse.

R5 - Sauc3 (Hoshiko)

Excitingly this game featured on (stream) Watch the stream if you want to see all the details, but the highlight was for sure the IAA Cerebral into an eventual 4 counter Clearinghouse a few turns later.

R6 - Angedelo (Hoshiko)

Angedelo didn’t find the money needed to deal with Clearinghouse on the turn it was ready to be charged up to lethal with a timely agenda forfeit - Angedelo was extremely unlucky in both of our games

R7 - ID AugustusCaesar

Cut R1 - Runner (Motionblur did not want to play against this Jemison…)

Lost a really fun game of Esa vs PD by forgetting about the Vitruvius counter.

Cut R2 - Dan (Freedom)

I was very excited to play Jemison in the cut, but I’d had breakfast with Dan that morning and now one of us was going home. I broke my rule of always mulligan for NGO or Hostile to try to push an Atlas behind an ice early, ended up with 2 agendas in hand after mandatory. Dan botulused to steal the Atlas from the remote and then also stole False Lead from hand. Turn 2 an SDS was stolen from R&D putting me at 0 points scored to 6 and pretty certain I was out of nationals. I was able to score out an SDS and an Atlas whilst somehow not losing any more points off of R&D. Put a Hostile behind Archer which trashed the Yusuf (putting 3 counters on the hostile when forfeiting the Archer) then I got to play a turn of install clearinghouse behind the Archer install Corporate Town install Quarantine System. Dan couldn’t trash the Quaratine system due to low credits and I was able to sack the SDS and the Hostile into 6 counters on Clearinghouse for the most intense feeling win I’ve had in Netrunner.

Cut R3 - Runner (Chris D)

Knocked out of Nats

I had an absolute blast at Nats, thanks to EVERYONE involved. Jemison is the best.

13 Nov 2023 strongoose

I don't think I fully appreciated the alt on the day! It's gorgeous.

13 Nov 2023 PiCat314


It was great following the swiss watching you climb! That game on stream was wild, you did Jemison proud

13 Nov 2023 HalfHusky

Bell goes ding.

14 Nov 2023 MattOhNo

Excellent deck with an amazing alt art, it only felt slightly awful that "Aumakua on 1? Purge manually" three times was the correct line in our game, and this looks very fun

14 Nov 2023 Cliquil

Jemison lovers unite!