Eurotrash MTI

strube 156

Coming into Durham regional I sleeved up 2 decks - this and an Azmari deck that turned out to be pretty similar to what the rest of the field at the top was on. In the end this felt a little more comfy for me so I played it and it lost one game to Clan Vengeance Val, winning against Wild Thing Val and Tapwrm Leela.

This is basically the Euros winning Palana with a couple of ice changes to better suit your ID ability and GFIs. It turns out that when MTI is firing you save equal money to what Palana gets you in saved clicks and install costs. Also turn 1 Batty cortex lock flat-lines are hilarious.

In the end this probably wasn't a great meta-call with all the HQ destruction going around and being a pretty fair 'score in a remote' deck.

11 Jun 2018 JDC_Wolfpack

Glad you were able to make it out! As always, I enjoyed our crazy close games. Excellent play this weekend! This deck was pretty brutal since I was apparently the only Val not on HQ destruction.