Scary Sandburg Rigshooter - 2nd place AUNZ SC

nbkelly 853

This is based on the spiky centrals decklist of the week a month or two ago. I took out blacklist because anarchs can't (or shouldn't) contest sandburg-boosted ICE anyway, and I put Enforcing Loyalty + Trojan Horse into the deck as ways to deal with Engolo, Guru Davinder, Stargate in shaper decks, etc.

Assassin is in the deck to assassinate programs. It's like a discount anansi, and fares better than mlinzi imo. If you stick storgotic resonator behind ICE, you usually win in two turns.

Basically, just about every current deck has a few weak knees that you can take out. Most crims are boned if you take out an engolo, and most shapers that splash don't have slots for good recursion, or they already use it and you stress them even more.

TechnoCo has given me viable results, and the biggest course to success is just to stick a sundew behind ice. Once you have money rolling in (they will never contest it), then you can start playing the game.