One Frill Acme (1st at OTG Champs)

CritHitd20 6121

After one game playing Sokka's Acme glacier I knew that it was the corp to beat. It has phenomenal game vs Apoc Maxx, can lock out 419 if a game goes long, and steamrolls jank cards. It is a bit weak to targeted ice destruction and slow econ starts. I dodged the former and made all my changes to address the latter.

Since the deck is so good vs Apoc already, I cut all of the tech cards and replaced them with Planograms, which are bonkerz. I know that Beanstalk is mediocre and Anon Tip is bad, but the value of modal cards is something that hasn't really been explored in Netrunner. Smooths out hands really well. Regolith over Daily Quest because I want the money now, and I dont want to have to protect centrals AND the remote vs a strong apoc start if my hand is suboptimal. It's significantly better than it looks I promise.

After cutting the frills for fast econ, all I was left with was 1x Keegan because I follow CTZ like a sheep. I like the idea a lot as a means to close stalemates vs 419 by trashing their killer or decoder. It trashed an Amina in one game, and otherwise it was consistently trashed by the runner from R&D. Was previously a Preemptive in testing.

Went 4-0 in Swiss and 2-0 in the cut, beating 2 reg 419s, 2 Apoc Maxx, 1 Swift Ken, and 1 Smoke. Some games were close, but I always felt like the remote was impenetrable thanks to the chunky tag ice and Void, so jamming was always available thanks to the consistent economy.

To beat this I suggest slotting Polop and Docklands if you are 419, and Hippo in your Apoc Maxx. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will try to assist. Thanks to OrbitalTangent for running an amazing event, to the fine folks running the Sansanfransisco stream, and all my opponents for being excellent sports and fun games. I enjoyed every single one, and am eternally grateful for what this community has maintained far longer than I would have believed.